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  1. larry seven added a post in a topic: Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse   

    :) HI from northern Ky, JimK, the way that a dog can lift my mood and not let me get away with being down, I am starting to think of the companion animal as my 'different-species-domestic-partner'!!! Hang in there, -Larry7
  2. larry seven added a post in a topic: Favourite Re-pro Robot   

    :) I still like my repro Thunder robot a lot. -Larry7 I straightened the droopy antenna by slowly bending it upward though.
  3. larry seven added a post in a topic: Xris' Ex -e -bition   

    :) Beautiful display, Christian, congratulations on such wonderful pieces! Is this the first time that you have had a large exhibition of your collection? -Thanks for the pictures, -Larry7
  4. larry seven added a post in a topic: Is This The End?   

    :D We are all going to have to start frequenting new secret robot toy 'speakeasy's', as per the early 20th century American prohibition era alcoholic underground establishments! Drinkers all just moved 'underground', so to speak, behind locked doors in the backrooms of dance clubs. -Larry7
  5. larry seven added a post in a topic: Older Hong Kong Swimming Robots   

    :) Hi guys and gals, I just saw these on Saturday night on an Ebay Buy It Now, just a few left. I bought one. Ebay #400039589616 Not often seen, good luck. -Larry7

  6. larry seven added a post in a topic: The Alphadrome Robot Project. Alpha-bot   

    :D Another great idea John and beautiful work guys! If I had any time right now I'd input, but I just now have found time to log onto Alphadrome for the first time in weeks and what a pleasure! I'd love to make one using the tin sheet cut from new gallon sized round paint cans and tab it together using traditional tin toy style tabbing... Oh man am I going to be daydreaming of it now! I need some extra hours! -Larry7
  7. larry seven added a post in a topic: Planeta Bur Featuring Robot John   

    :D I love it!!! A great new-to-me old cinema robot! -Larry7
  8. larry seven added a post in a topic: Poster Contest ?   

    :D Fun stuff, guys!!! I agree that the artwork is a great fun part of the Botstocks! -Larry7
  9. larry seven added a post in a topic: FLOWER ROBOT - KING KONG OF MARS   

    :) Prototype or sales sample could actually be advanced as far as including packaging to make the sale for an order, but this last one did in fact have a price sticker on it didn't it? So that's that! My thoughts are that the scrap flower litho is probably handily used in the workshop while working up the dies for pressing or a test press and working trial fit, but to think that a robot was assembled by hand and overlook the flower litho might be stretching it. They had to see it while handling the known examples during asssembly, so at the moment I don't think that it's the final King Kong of Mars colors as planned back then. Maybe the old price sticker mark was for a subsequent sale, yard sale, boot sale or other? We'll never know. -Larry7
  10. larry seven added a post in a topic: FLOWER ROBOT - KING KONG OF MARS   

    Hi Steve, good point. Which brings me to my next question, -have there been enough surviving examples of the similar Engine robot found to be sure that it also is not just simply a small number of 'test fit-ups' that were never put into full production? -Larry7
  11. larry seven added a post in a topic: FLOWER ROBOT - KING KONG OF MARS   

    :) Since the box art does not depict the flowers, I am still not yet convinced that these Mars King Kong robots were marketed and sold to be 'flowery looking robots', but perhaps a few built up test samples using scraps of tin. Some of which got out into the world of course. Now why we have never seen any other toy robots other than the polka dot robot in what may be called 'questionable litho patterns, maybe test fit-up's' at best is odd, but still not out of the question. -Larry7
  12. larry seven added a post in a topic: Just Got A Gear Robot   

    :) Steve, I was going to say the same thing, -at the Robothut John had one I think at the end of one of the rows of displays down on a lower shelf, and I just thought that it was such a nice robot. A really pleasant combination of size, actions, art, and at a nice price, -congratulations Brian!
  13. larry seven added a post in a topic: My Gang Is Completed   

    :) Ha ha! Congratulations to you Gernot! You are living my dream too. Yes, I am not going to try to hide the fact that I also would love to gather these four big robots in my collection some day. Some people always say that they don't like this or that one, but I'm with you, - I want one of each. Adorable Lavender robot, by the way! -Larry7
  14. larry seven added a post in a topic: Does It Work?   

    :) I too like to have them operational. They are all the more satisfying when they work when called upon to do so. There was a time when none of my battery-op robots ran, and some of the wind-up's needed new flints for the spark, so I began experimenting with some of the cheap Chinese toys available nowadays, and tried repairing them, learning much from Alphadrome along the way. With how-to advice from the pages of this web site, many people can do improvements from simple repairs such as cleaning the battery contacts and rotating the motor until it starts to run on it's own, to straightening bent tin parts back in shape, to perhaps even tracing down a broken wire and resoldering it or replacing a broken drive gear or other missing parts. -Larry 7
  15. larry seven added a post in a topic: 10 Out Of 10...   

    :) Oh man Noel, yes, 10 out of 10! Now a few questions, -now how do you care for a pristine box like that? I mean, do you display it with the robot in your collection when frankly you could get a slightly lesser condition box for routine display duty that would still display good, but not museum quality? Or do you put it away out of light and dust? If it is put in storage, do you wrap it in tissue or (like me) just stack it along with other boxes, maybe inadvertently some even on top of it in a storage container? Ha ha! You can tell that I don't have any boxes remotely as nice as this one! Thanks for showing, -Larry7

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