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    This is actually the first robot i ever bought. It was 1969 and I was 8 when I spotted him in a local hardware shop that basically sold anything they could find at stock liquidation sales. I've never wanted anything before or since as much as that. Even then, he was WAY beyond my pocket money - a whole 10 shillings and sixpence - so I had him laid away for me and I paid for him week by week. It was agony waiting, but when Bats came home with me - wow.

    He still lives with me today, including his (pretty wrecked) box, and apart from needing a re-grease about 15 years back, he's still going strong - definitely the first thing being grabbed if the house ever catches fire. As long as I have my wife, my cats and Bats, I'll be fine.
  2. nijrose added a post in a topic: Need Some Help On Cleaning Vintage Box   

    Hi, I've come in REALLY late on this thread, but the very safest method of cleaning paper is to use a paper restorer's cleaning pad. It's basically fine powdered rubber in a cotton pad that rubs away the dirt without removing print - similar to the aforementioned bread trick, but without the moisture problems. I've used these for years to clean old comics boxes and magazines. This is the product: . Archival paper products are nearly always best for box cleaning and repair, because they're based on being reversible - if someone doesn't like what's done, it can be undone again.

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