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  1. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Ex Machina   

    Wonderful movie. Little action, but intriguing all the way through. I'm a little worried about the dude that the robot girl leaves stranded at the end. When I was little, I thought I'd want to marry a robot girl, but I'd hope to be treated better!
  2. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Lantern Robot Eyes   

    Agree, I'd said the same thing a while ago, though oddly, it didn't post. Maybe this time. These eyes screw right out. I'll bet the robot sat perfect in the box for sixty years because it had a broken bulb. Somebody just replaced it with something that mostly matched.
  3. David Kirk added a post in a topic: 4 GEAR HIGH WHEEL ROBOT   

    I believe that this one is harder to get. The six gear has been reproduced as well. Neither are terribly uncommon as robots go, meaning at least you still see them on eBay once in a while. I wouldn't mess with it. It's a lovely toy and being able to shut it down isn't worth the tab bending. I bought two of these in the six gear version when they were new in the mid sixties. I think they were $1.39. I'll check the box later. I went to that discount store every week of my childhood and this was the only robot I ever saw there, just to give you an idea how hard it was to find robots even then!
  4. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Botstock X I I - The Official Thread   

    Thanks for posting these, Joe. Morphy's hasn't got anything on their site, last I looked (last night). I love the C cell Robby. His head looks so big! Several here I'm still missing which I never seem to have the money for - a fine bunch!
  5. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Putt- A -Back Robot   

    Never seen him. He looks a lot like the iron fireman.
  6. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Pretty Cool Robot, Or Scary?   

    Beautiful! I had no idea how far this technology had come.
  7. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Big Auction At Morphys Coming Up In May   

    Here you go.

    DENVER, Pa. – Robots are on the march again at Morphy’s. The family-owned Pennsylvania company’s May 30 & 31 Toy Auction containing 1,450 lots is led by a prized grouping of sci-fi classics from the Robert V. “Bob” Gallegos collection.
    Approximately 115 robots, mostly boxed, will cross the auction block. Some of them boast illustrious provenance, like the boxed Jupiter Robot that had “lived long and prospered” in the Bob Lesser collection. Boxed examples of a Chime Trooper, Conehead, Hook Robot, Space Scout and Tremendous Mike join a Topolino, Astro Man, Mighty 8, Thunder Robot, silver Mechanized Robot (Robby) and blue-version Cragstan Space Man in this premier collection. The list continues with rare blue versions of Winky, Robot with Piston Action (ex Alan Rosen collection), and Moon Explorer. Gallegos’ subcollection of Masudaya “Gang” members includes boxed examples of Target, Radicon, Lavender and Train (Non-Stop) Robots.
  8. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Electric Robot & Son Variation   

    I hadn't been able to put my hands on my original MER&S. It's been up in the attic for years waiting for me to install a few parts. I found this picture of it instead. Turns out I was wrong about the decal. I have that version on my shelf, but I got it later. Here's a picture of the original, which I'm guessing from my age and my big brother's, is from 1956. So I suppose the head code is first. It's certainly more elegant.

  9. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Electric Robot & Son Variation   

    I would guess that the sticker came on electric robot and son. Isn't that the first version? I've got the sticker on mine.
  10. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Alphadrome Official Anniversary   

    I must have found the site soon after it started. I think I was chatting here long before I found eBay. I recall sending Brian a pile of sheets I xeroxed from my old Christmas catalog pages. At that point there were very few reliable dates. Most collectors still assumed the American robots were copies of the Japanese ones. That's hard to imagine now. I also remember the computer renderings of robots Brian must not have had photos of. And there was the chat, which was a continuous list not broken into sections. There'd be multiple discussions running all at once. It's certainly come a long way!
  11. David Kirk added a post in a topic: X-27 Explorer Robot   

    It's a poor copy, but as a toy in itself, not so bad. It seems to me the other version is a bit worse than this. I love those chubby legs on the original. I wish they'd have gotten that right - they certainly could have done the body fatter too. The originals are pretty goofy to begin with - really oddly proportioned, but that's part of their charm.
  12. David Kirk added a post in a topic: First Use Of The Word Robot In A Toy   

    I thought Karel Capek coined the word in 1920. Does it have another meaning here?
  13. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Worst Spaceman Toy Ever?   

    Jupiter gel sounds like something that Venus Velvet might use on a night out. Was this for children?
  14. David Kirk added a post in a topic: My New Saucer Builds   

    Nice. If you put a scantily clad space princess in there you could probably sell a bunch.
  15. David Kirk added a post in a topic: Best Silver Spray Paint?   

    I've repainted mine a deep burgundy. Since it wasn't going to be original anyway, I thought I'd have something different, so the silver match isn't critical. Does Napa have a stock silver that would be as durable? When you say a stainless steel wheel, is that a brush wheel? Do you know how that little chrome rectangle under the TV screen is always a rusty mess? Mine was too. I stripped it, but wasn't sure what to do next. I suppose I could send it off to have it chromed, or just try to repaint the design on it and clear coat it. Any suggestions? It's funny, this is one of several problem robots I've had for nearly fifty or even over fifty years and they're still waiting for sprucing up.

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