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  1. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Tomy Magic Dial Flying Saucer MIB   

    Well, in my quest to track down the TOMY Magic Dial Space Robot, I did manage to pick up one of it's brethren, the Flying Saucer (MIB) and it just arrived from overseas in today's mail.
    Don't know if this is old store stock or just never played with--I got it out of a little shop in Spain, of all places, and as you can see it still has the metal "hangers" to hold it in place.
    Even the cellophane tape on the bottom had never been removed.

    The box says it uses D cells, so I bought a couple of those AA-to-D adapters, but, alas, they have to be C--there's no way a "D" would ever fit in the compartment (which is pristine, by the way). I will stay away from alkaline as some have suggested and go for the "Heavy Duty" or less powerful types.
    I'm eager to see if it fires up!

    Okay, at least I have some great pics of the robot on this step closer! :)

  2. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Robot Collectors in Japan?   

    I've seen here in the forum that some have visited Teruhisa Kitahara's museum in Japan.

    Are there any collector's in/from Japan in this forum? One of the things I would like to pursue is tracking down the TOMY Magic Dial Space-Robo in the original Japanese packaging.

    Is anyone here in Japan or know someone there I should contact as a starting off point?

    Thanks! :)
  3. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: My kid sister's Hootbot   

    One of the reasons I've always liked this picture (apart from the toy's mod "2001" look), is that my sister took it back in the 80s when she was studying photography and TOMY's Hootbot was new. So it's actually an OLD photo of a NEW toy.

    Apparently other folks like it, too--I posted this online once before and it shows up here & there on the web.

  4. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: ALPS TV antenna chain   

    Does anyone know of a replacement chain for the antenna (red plastic dish style) for the later generation Alps TV Robot that matches the orginal?
  5. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Vintage TOMY Space toys in 1969 Godzilla Film   

    Thanks to all those who helped me identify the TOMY Magic Dial Space-Robo robot. For those that may not have seen the link, I've attached the stills from the 1969 Japanese film "Attack of the Monsters" shown in the US as "Godzilla's Revenge."

    In the beginning of the film, a scene takes pace in a toymaker's workshop and you can see MANY vintage-era Japanese space toys in their original boxes. I'm sure you guys can identify more than I can! :) I'm kinda curious myself as to the identity of the big bronze robot on screen right in the third image down...and there's a rather interesting multi-colored robot in the second-to-last pic in the box above the Tomy Magic Dial Flying Saucer...

  6. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Reshaping Box Window plastic   

    I have a box that has a clear plastic window that wraps from the top down the front in what I guess you would call an "L" shape.

    It's a bit crinkled from a warp in the cardboard--is there a way soften and reshape the plastic without shrinking/damaging it more?
  7. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Aa To D Cell Battery Converters, Anybody Tried Them   

    Looks like the Radio Shack still has them and also for "C" cells, a pack of four for $6.99
  8. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Can you help me identify this Japanese robot?   

    Thank you!!!! You guys are A-MAZING :)

    In less than 24 hours you have solved a puzzle that has been mystified both myself & my brother for a looooong time. When I show him the past ebay auction I found, he will keel over.

    And that being said, if anyone here has the TOMY version with the white body/silver arms and wishes to sell one, please PM me -- I am deremined to put one of these on the shelf at home :)

    Again, many many thanks to those that replied and those who have more info to share -- I had a feeling I picked the right forum to post to! You guys just made my day :)

    BTW--the attached is pic from the ebay auction I found, it shows the TOMY box nicely....

  9. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Question about vintage robot prices on ebay....   

    (Editor: Oops .... I meant to hit REPLY but I hit EDIT. Sorry RobotB9, I just buggered up your post! Sorry! )

    But to answer your question, please put wanted ads in the ads section.
  10. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Question about vintage robot prices on ebay....   

    Hi Everyone--

    I am new here (you may have read my previous post) and have decided to start tracking down a few of the robots I had in my youth. Some are the more "common" ones from the 1960s: Horikawa Fighting Robot & the Alps TV Robot with Red antenna. I have been out of the game when it comes to robots and have noticed prices on ebay, for the Alps TV Robot for example, starting at $750 and going to $1500 (boxed).

    I know on some other collecting forums I've been on, they encourage buying/selling from other forum members and that ebay prices are considered too high. Is that the feeling around here? Do you folks tend to buy & sell here on the forum, or are the ebay prices I quoted within the realm of fair & sane?

    Any & all opinions are appreciated!

    Thanks :)
  11. RobotB9 added a post in a topic: Can you help me identify this Japanese robot?   

    Hi All--

    I am new here, but found the database & forum while trying to track down this toy. I had it when I was a kid here in the US, but have found very little info on either the name or the maker. I have posted some pics I have on Flickr from and old dept. store catalog and ALSO stills from the 1969 Japanese Godzilla movie, "All Monsters Attack" (aka Godzilla's Revenge). It is part of a scene in a toymaker's home, and you can clearly see the robot, the possible box, and some other vehicles, that look to be part of the same set--mainly the Flying Saucer. Naturally, the boxes are in Japanese, so I don't know what info, if any, might be gleaned from them. There are quite a few recognizable toys in there also :)

    See them here:

    There is a picture of this same robot in the Perry Mohney private collection here on this site, and both the robot & saucer are here in the database in modified/re-released form as the GX-7 and Selenium Saucer, respectively. A collector in the Netherlands, Marco Van Gimst, emailed me that he had the robot in green by Yonezawa, and seen versions from Greece.

    Thanks so much in advance for any help, hints, clues, leads, etc.!

    Add'l ref. photo attached....

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