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  1. eamesBot added a post in a topic: My kid sister's Hootbot   

    Thanks to share the pic and glad to find original owner of this Hootbot, I am sure that I've seen and save this pic somewhere else before.
    I am one of Tomy's fan and just started collecting the plastic robots.

  2. eamesBot added a post in a topic: PlayTime Bots   

    Firstly, thanks for the pics.
    This is my first post on Alphadrome. I've been started collecting some 80's plastic robots and Playtime series is one of my wish list.
    I've got a Gyrobot and one of awesome in my opinion is the Skate bot that I've got it with fine condition in box last year.

    I just look in details and think that I only found Chaty Freddie (Playbot 700) once in Ebay and never seen giant Stanley been posted before.

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