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  1. Mr Marbles added a post in a topic: ZOMBIES OF STRATOSPHERE   

    Beautiful job!
  2. Mr Marbles added a post in a topic: Reproduction Collections   

    I, for one, thought that the old tin toys of my youth would forever be out of my reach and I am thrilled that there are reproductions that bring the cost down to a reasonable level.
  3. Mr Marbles added a post in a topic: Hello All   

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I will try to post a picture of my little gang of robots soon.
  4. Mr Marbles added a post in a topic: Hello All   

    I had space toys and robots (sure wish I still had them) when I was a kid and always dreamed of having a "Mr. Machine" but never got one. It is only recently that I rediscovered all the tin toy robots that are now available.
  5. Mr Marbles added a post in a topic: Hello All   

    I've been on the forums for a while and decided to poke my head up and say "Hi." Wow, what a great source of information this website is when it comes to toy robots. I've always had a love of robots but never realized there were so many of them available for collecting. Right now, all I can afford are reproductions and I'm very happy doing that but someday, I hope to start searching for the older stuff. At present, I only have 10 robots in my collection but it's an absolute blast to look up and see all of them sitting there on the shelf. I tend to go for the "peaceful" robots (no guns or rockets) and none with a human face. I like for them to be the kind of robots that would just be your little mechanical buddy if they could. At 60 years old, I'm getting started on this hobby a little late in life and I can never hope to have the huge collections that some of you fellas have but that's ok, I'm still loving every minute of it. Thanks for the information and inspiration guys.

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