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  1. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: IronMan 13" Giant Walking Robot   

    Yes, these are a lot of fun!

    Thank you guys for all your help, I really appreciate it. :)

  2. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: IronMan 13" Giant Walking Robot   

    Hello everyone,

    Is this robot known by another name? I can’t seem to find another like this. Box no. B2909, apparently made by LUCKY in Hong Kong according to the box.

    I am looking for other names and when it was made. Thanks for any help.

  3. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Piston Robot Comparison Japan / Taiwan   

    I have these two Piston robots, and just noticed one is made in Japan and the other in Taiwan. I am sure this has been covered, but I thought it would be neat to see the two side by side.

    The Japan one has plastic arms, legs, chest, and head. Has the tin exterior on waist and inside head, and tin base. It stands about 10.25 inches tall.

    The Taiwan has plastic arms, head, chest, and base. Has tin legs, feet, waist, and inside head. It stands about 11 inches tall.

    Both units function the same, and have the same Litho pretty much. One has made in Japan on the exterior of the battery compartment, while the other is blank.

    They are almost identical from the waist up with slightly different color tones.

    I can provide more detailed info if someone needs any.

    Thank you

  4. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Is this wind up robot toy really worth that much?   

    Hello all,

    apparently this is a 1970s Ansony Science Ninja Team Gatchaman II ken Owashi Wind up Tin Robot toy, made in Japan.

    Is this wind up robot really worth that much?

    The photo provided is of the one that I have. I found the same item but in A LOT poor condition on Ebay, I think the seller is in Hong Kong, asking $870.00.
    Here is the link to that listing.


    The one I have is complete with zero rust and nice shiny metal with bright paint. I too have the box which is in slightly worst condition.

    Any thoughts on actual value?

    Thank you

  5. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Can someone identify this robot?   

    Joe, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.
  6. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Can someone identify this robot?   

    Here is another robot that I could not find any info on. It would be great if someone could tell me more about this guy.
    The battery door has Hong Kong. It is 9 inches tall. The antenna on top spins, walks, and has the gun action on the chest.

    Thank you

  7. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Was anyone else surprised/amazed by the final selling price?   

    Hello Joe,
    This was actually one of my listings. I’m selling these for a collector that apparently is raising money for home repairs, and to buy his wife something really nice.

    I was surprised as well. I think I had like 60 people watching this item. It was kinda interesting seeing all the bids in real time. Way better than any action movie. I just needed some pop corn LOL.

    Most of the bidding was made by people from the following countries.
    Australia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and the winning bidder out of Hong Kong.

    I hope its okay that I am using this site to identify some of these items. I would be more than happy to mention this forum in my future listings, if it’s permitted. In addition if anyone wants more detailed info on any particular items that they may be interested on bidding, just let me know.

  8. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Hello, can someone identify this robot?   

    Yes, I see the differences, but very close to identical.
    Thank guys for all your input. I have a few others that I need to identify, and will post those here soon.

    Thanks again
  9. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Hello, can someone identify this robot?   

    Hello, can someone identify this robot?

    It is about 6 inches tall, all plastic

    The box states that it’s made in Hong Kong, item NO 101

    A decal on base of robot has JV import Laredo.

    I’m trying to find out its name and about when it came out.

    Thank you in advance for any help.


  10. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Can someone identify this robot?   

    Thank you for the quick reply. I searched for a while but could not find anything.

  11. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Can someone identify this robot?   

    Hello everyone, can someone identify this robot?

    Its 8 inches tall, plastic, it walks, arms rotate, and each leg holds one C battery.

    Marked Japan on back.

    any idea on the year it came out?

    Thank you

  12. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: Mechanic Robot By Yonezawa   

    My link

    Hello Everyone, I recently saw a Mechanical gear robot by Yonezawa sell in Ebay UK for nearly $800. I have one just like it MIB, but the one that sold has a different box. My question is, did it sell at this price because of the box variation? I searched this site and found some posts valuing this robot in the $400. Range MIB, but it was an old posting. Has this robot gone up in price?

    Thank you and above is the link to the one that sold on October 21st 2012. and the photo is the one I have.

  13. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: 1966 Lost in space   

    Thank you for the response and information. I found what I was looking for.

    Nice collection kennetzel! The one
    I have looks just like your first one from the left, but mine looks to have slightly darker shade of blue.
    This may be due to the flash or lighting.

    Thanks again
  14. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: 1966 Lost in space   

    Hello everyone, could someone tell me where I can find information on the different color variations for the 1966 Lost in space by Remco?
    I recently saw one sell for $850. They said it was a rare blue variation. I’m trying to find out what variations are more common, and not.
    I have the red variation with blue arms and legs with the box.

    I can add a photo, but it may be too big. Does the system resize it for you automatically?

    Thank you for your help in advance.
  15. FERNIE1805 added a post in a topic: What year was the Luna Len space robot released?   

    Thanks a lot; I really appreciate your quick help. I may be posting more questions soon. I need to properly identify and will be researching many other old robots. Its strange how there is not a lot of info on many robots out there.


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