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  1. Uncle Al added a post in a topic: The Inner Workings of the Busy Cart Robot   

    Hello everyone! Can anyone help me with a picture of the insides of the Busy Cart Robot? I'm trying to determine the spring orientation and shape of the tin parts that the springs attach to. He was heavily played with and in pieces when I received him. I know I took pictures of previous Busy's that I repaired but I'll be danged if I can find them - must be these 'senior moments' that keep creeping in on me . . . any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I'd also like to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone that has bid on and sent words of encouragement regarding my HTC 1957 Ford Robot Car project ending on eBay this evening. I hope to really get this toy business off the ground this year as I'd love to attend some of the robot and space toy conventions and shows I hear so much about. Mark and Billy, you guys are the GREATEST!

    Best TOYS to all,

    Al Van Natta
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  2. Uncle Al added a post in a topic: Battery Box Material . . .   

    Hi folks - I need some help. Can anyone tell me the name of the redish/brownish cardboard-like material used for battery boxes and contact supports in our tin toys? I'm trying to find a source for this material for repairs and replacement battery boxes. No one in Illinois seems to know what it's called. Thanks and a good holiday to all! Al

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