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  1. Georgios added a post in a topic: robot silkscreen prints.etc...   

    Hello. These are some silkscreen prints and some of the paintings that a friend and I do together.(limited edition hand numbered and signed).

    They come in various sizes and techniques. We also receive commissions for specific subjects (robots,space scenes,etc...).

    If someone is interested please pm me. We do not have a site yet but this is just a small fraction of our work, we will have one very soon.

    Hope you like them ! : )

    . .



    Thank you. : )
  2. Georgios added a post in a topic: Horikawa - Attacking Goggle Bot ! ? Wtf :-) !   

    TPS. flash space patrol me thinks.
  3. Georgios added a post in a topic: New Greek Saucer   

    hi,i also have this space toy,its really hard to find MIB. it breaks realy easy !
    there are 2 variations the one posted here and there is another post
    in alphadrome that iv seen that featured the blue body orange detail variation.You direct it
    like the sonicon rocket with sound.
  4. Georgios added a post in a topic: Jyesa Saucer   

    Very nice toy,very nice pilot !
  5. Georgios added a post in a topic: A Wierd tin saucer with a flint.   


    During my space toy search i found this tin saucer that ''flyes'' in water,it is marked TK made in Japan and works with fire.
    You light the material that is on the little disc and put it inside the saucer,the tubes get heated up and the saucer moves making wierd sounds.I havent used the saucer in water because it is brand new(no box found with it) but i have used a greek tin toy ship that moves in the same way.Any info on the toy is highly apreciated.Enjoy the images ::))

    ps..there is a lot of black smoke as well !

    the flying saucer

    the disc with oil fuel(very lucky to have found this originall part with it as well.)
    here you can see as well the tubes inside the saucer that heat up the air to provide

    TK logo

    the greek tin ship from the 60s moves in the same way(tested).

  6. Georgios added a post in a topic: Nomura radar robot parts   

    hello Mark, i have sent you a pm !
    i just inserted batteries in the robot and it works really nice :D ,just need the parts now!and it will soon be complete.

    thank you all for your kind replies.
  7. Georgios added a post in a topic: Nomura radar robot parts   

    i have thought about the option of getting a rerpo from ttt and use the parts but they are all sold out, and i have to search on ebay probably..
  8. Georgios added a post in a topic: Nomura radar robot parts   

    Hello dratomic and thank you for the kind reply. :).
    I have seen repro parts of the hand(claw) for sale but not the tool :(
  9. Georgios added a post in a topic: Nomura radar robot parts   

    Hello,this is my second post here.I am looking for some parts to complete my nomura radar robot.
    Parts(claw with tool,top part of antenna and battery box).I understand its hard to find these parts but i was just wondering if any of you have any spares..
    im willing to pay for them or exchange for other parts.

    thank you :)
  10. Georgios added a post in a topic: Hello I Am A N Ew Member :)   

    Hello all !

    Robothut here are the pictures of the robot boardgame.
    Το Σοφό Ρομπότ = The Wise Robot.
    The plastic robot has also a small piece of wire that is attached on the tiny hole on his chest.
    i didnt attach it,also the box is not cleaned. :)
    There where also more pages but with the same graphics.

    Dirk hello ,i remember this robot from when i was young,haha,,,i do not have it :(.
    The artwork on the box is very nice, it looks as if its attacking a tradtional greek vilage !!!
    I am spending most of my time in Athens but i kind of live in 2 places.I have been to the fleemarket in monastiraki,the prices some people ask there are
    really high.
    Im honored that you like my humble collection and i enjoyed a lot your page,so many nice nice robots.

    I will for sure continue to post my finds here on the drome !
    Hope i keep finding toys,getting this toys was actually a lot of hard work and a lot of time ,
    if you buy toys with extra limitted funds you have to try harder and harder as you all know and i learned...
    but they sure make me happy!

    Thanks once again to all for their kind words.

  11. Georgios added a post in a topic: Patches Have Arrived   

    Very nice artwork!id love one too !
  12. Georgios added a post in a topic: Hello I Am A N Ew Member :)   

    Thank you Nasa,just saw your collection.
    im speechless :o , as with all the collections i see in the drome !
    so many nice toys that iv never even seen in person... :)

  13. Georgios added a post in a topic: Hello I Am A N Ew Member :)   

    Hello again,the ray -gun is from Estrella Brazil!.Some of my toys like Mr Hustler need to be fixed,he needs a new battery compartement,a new light on the chest and he has rust on his back(i have managed to jump start him wich shows that he will live again !so i need to install my new compartement),my older zerox has lost his arm , and is very rusty on the back (i hope one day i will find a replacement arm).Quality wise i try my best but i cant allways get something good so i dont mind a bit of rust,broken bat. compartements etc(it depends on the piece).I also kind of like some playware(dont mind my spotless Taiyo robot though :))...Iv never heard of the fact about the old batteries, but its really important and logicaL,thanks for the tip,i avoided any problems up to now by using JUST by chance not very good batteries :).
    i like collecting robots the old way but i will try ebay as well!i bought my first toy via ebay yesterday,its a small rocket!The thing is that the other way makes you have a connection with the toy i think,you remember where you found it,who had it,what the day was like,the first moment you spoted it, the effort to get it running again ...

    Thank you all again for your kind words,i have a lot of work to do until my collection resembles even slightly what iv seen here in Alphadrome from people that have been collecting . :)
    im patient enough though and learn fast,but still not very experienced with prices etc...all in good time

  14. Georgios added a post in a topic: Hello I Am A N Ew Member :)   

    Thank you very much Roboto,the monkey is
    space traveling monkey by Yanoman Japan,
    unfortunately it's not complete,its missing its right palm
    and has a crack on the right soulder, but i will probably try to fix it in the future.
    Tin Head thank you, i already appreciate a lot of the info on the site,and i really enjoy pictures of repairs !
    i fixed my rotatomatic through these pictures :).

  15. Georgios added a post in a topic: Hello I Am A N Ew Member :)   

    Hello funkrobotik ,no not at all its just a small robot.

    Hope to get some more robots as i really like them,
    i recently whent through a hard time and started buying toys, this has helped me alot ! :)


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