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    Hi. I'm new to this. My parents, Joe and Helene Barricks, owned Mercury Plastics in Des Moines, Iowa. Dad, who was called "Chick" by everyone, was the President, toy designer and inventor. Mom was the company Secretary/Treasurer. My sister, Donna, and I were the toy testers. When I grew older, I worked the assembly line at the factory. I also traveled to Chicago with Dad to visit the tool and die manufacturers. My daughter, Cheney, found this site when Googling Mercury Plastics. Unfortunately, she was Googling for info for Dad's Memorial. Dad died December 30, 2010 at the Veterans' Home in Florence, CO, weeks short of his 97th birthday. His funeral was Monday, January 3, 2011 in Des Moines, Iowa. He was buried next to Mom with a military burial. As a WWII Vet he was quite proud of his service. He would have been even more proud, and thrilled, to learn that there were people out there who still appreciated his creativity and inventiveness. Our family is so happy to know you all exist. Our family will try to provide you information as we can best recall it. Cheney has a picture of Mom working the assembly line. As soon as I figure out the technology, I'll try to post it for you.

    With appreciation, Lynn Barricks Rossman

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