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  1. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    In the desert regions of Peru, 35 million year old fossils of giant, human sized penguins have recently been discovered. I wonder if they looked anything like this ?

  2. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    Behold an eerie's Mr. Monster...and suddenly to my surprise he did the mash...he did the Mr.Monster mash

  3. martian added a post in a topic: The Island Of Misfit Toys (needing Parts)   

    I feel for you Shudo Astronaut...I just had a close look at you and it appears as though one of your belts has come apart at the buckle, the pressure in that suit must be near the red line :lol:

    Here are a couple of poor unfortunates who live with me..... both have lost their left foot. Moon Doctor was called out to attend to an accident victim (Naughty Robot, shown on the right of the photo) who had fallen into a crater near the Sea of Tranquillity and had his foot ripped off. In a strange and cruel twist of fate, Moon Doctor also fell and ironically lost his left foot also. For some time now these guys have been unable to procure a prosthetic. Despite their occasional feelings of inadequacy and having to put up with annoying patronizing remarks, they remain hopeful that some day they will feel whole and complete like they once were. :lol:

  4. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    Hi Scott and thanks for your kind comment about Talking Robot, your Gear robot looks fantastic !... one of the Horikawa beauties I have always loved the look of and its colourful actions. ! I recently added a Fighting robot to my collection again, I sold one several years ago and missed it ever since.

    Ken, your Attacking Martian with Lighted Eyes is another one of my favourites as you can see :lol:
  5. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    I am the atomic powered robot.....please give my best wishes to everybody...

  6. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    The doctor's in.... Doctor Moon loves these groovy specks he borrowed from Brains from the Thunderbirds :lol:

  7. martian added a post in a topic: Shibakin Factory Artbots Custom Japanese Robots Scarce   

    :angry: DIOS MIO !! :angry: I can't believe what I am reading ! This is an absolute OUTRAGE an OUTRAGE I say..... do my eyes deceive me ????? Ozzie, you owe the world an explanation for this lurid act of wanton free will, selling things of YOURS is just not fair to the rest of us or the world itself.... actually I think we should take a vote on this critical matter, say Aye if you think Ozzie should not be allowed to sell anything of HIS on ebay ?

    Many world renowned actors, singers and advanced clowns such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Billy Ray Cyrus and Bono, even former UN weapons inspector, Hans Britz purchased these robot sculptures all in good faith and in ACCORDANCE with Section 203(1)(iii) of the Robot Trade Act ! This section of the Act and subsequent sub-sections provide, in part, 'that Shibaked Factory Artybots (SFA's) are non-transferable, either wholly or in part without the written permission of the UN Robot Affairs Council in Geneva. I have contacted the Council and a senior official there and novice origami enthusiast told me emphatically, "that no applications have been submitted and therefore no approval has been granted to provide the lawful transfer of any SFA's." Given this lack of authorisation from the Council, this sordid activity must cease forthwith and the auction must be cancelled immediately or the Council will have to be notified ! :angry:

    If the UN is a toothless tiger and takes no action I will arrange for Hans Britz to appeal to you through diplomatic discussion and if that doesn't work, I'll get Billy Ray to stand out front of your house singing Achy Breaky Heart non-stop, that should do the trick ! :lol:

    I really love that one with the clear dome ! ;)
  8. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    I agree Morbius, Mr. Planet robots are stunning to look at. You can't look too long though as you can become mezmerized by those slow turning eyes, including the eyes in the back of his head !
  9. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    Hola mi hermanos y hermanas, presenting Mr. Planet, aka un Egg Head de Espacio :P

  10. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    Thanks Hap Hazard, that's one very nice egg you have shown too ! Judging by the condition of R robot, he must of just hatched. This is a good thread, I like seeing the eggs of others and particularly when I see a rare and very interesting fresh egg like MG 1, version #1 & #2 ! The box art is wild :lol:
  11. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    Today's egg, fresh out of the glass incubator... Patrol robot. Thank you John !

  12. martian added a post in a topic: Your Robot A Day Contribution   

    If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a robot a day should keep boredom at bay :P Here's my latest addition, gracias mucho Ken !

  13. martian added a post in a topic: Mr. Robot Is In The House!   

    Scott, it has taken me some time to calm down from laughing at your description of postal workers handling your robot parcels "as been madly tossed about by gorillas in heat for the past 4 days before arriving at my doorstop". :P It conjures up all sorts of funny visualizations in my crazy mind. Here are some of the postal workers having a break, I wouldn't want that big domineering Alpha male in the middle delivering any of my robots, particularly when he's in heat ! :D

  14. martian added a post in a topic: The Big Brother Of Robby   

    The robot is not made by Yonezawa and is not vintage like all the other lovely original robots you have there on the shelf. What makes me mad is the blatant use of the original logo and also the false 'Made in Japan' when it should say 'Made in China'. Some of the early Tin Tom Toys had Made in Japan printed on them, again, another example of a blatant and misleading lie.
  15. martian added a post in a topic: Custom Robots,,,,show Your Best Creation   

    Mr. Plex truly is one great looking and unique custom robot, I like the use of many original parts and the box art too. I like.... it is nice.


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