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    I am really new to this having been collecting for only a year now (some low end originals like Mars King and Rotateomatics and a lot of repro's) but I have a question about the real meaning of rarity. If a guy like Steve (in another thread going on about the Lavendar Robots on this board) can think of 12 Machine Men being in existence, but this red/blue Robbie tank is the only one around then doesn't logic mandate that this is a rarer toy than Machine Man? Or for that matter, even the blue/red Jupiter robot that only a couple of guys seem to have. Wouldn't that be considered a rarer robot? Or waht about all the great little plastic robots that Joe K postd pictures of that no one else has seen. Why are these not the holy grails that get talked about. Why is is always the same old names all the time that I hear as being "the ultimate robot" to own. Like the Diamond Planet. I only have a small collection of robot books so far (spending the $$ on robots instead of books right now) but they all have photos of Diamond PLanet so it seems like a lot of collectors have them and there are examples all over the place. This hobby, more so than a lot of otheres I can think of, seems to fall victim to the "flavor of the month" thing from what I can see. If a robot goes for big money at an auction it now becomes THE robot to have. Once it falls from grace price-wise, no one seems to get too excited over it anymore. Yet everyone claims to collect for the love of robots and not the monetary value. Man, this is confusing stuff.......???????......!!!!!!

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