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  1. Paul K added a post in a topic: Help With A Wind Up   

    I know it's not a Robot but I think he's cool,
    Sam the Strolling Skeleton!

    The clock work mechanism in mine does not work.
    When wound it just unwinds very fast.

    Is this fixable? got any advise?

  2. Paul K added a post in a topic: Robot Auction   

    Found this PDF file on the Christie's webb site under press release. Gave them a quick ring about the Catalouge, they said about in about 3-4 weeks.

    I think I'll be able to attend as I'm off work for a few days! so I think I might need a drink after the auction!

    Paul K
  3. Paul K added a post in a topic: What's Up With That?   

    wow! I won one of these robots on ebay about a year
    ago for $22, mint in box with inserts. It even has a restraining bolt
    screwed in the underside (real shop stock). I think I might have a bit
    been lucky .

    Useless facts;

    Some people call this robot the Squat Bot !!

    The Mighty Robot (the blue smoking one), was the first vintage robot I purchase (at a market in Brighton) and marked the start to this evil addiction.

    Paul k
  4. Paul K added a post in a topic: New Attacking Martian 2 Foot R/c Robot   

    Does anyone know the type of box he comes in?

    Paul K
  5. Paul K added a post in a topic: Honeymoon Trip   

    pic 2

  6. Paul K added a post in a topic: Honeymoon Trip   

    pic 1

  7. Paul K added a post in a topic: Honeymoon Trip   

    I'm having problems loading a picture at the moment!!!!
  8. Paul K added a post in a topic: Honeymoon Trip   

    Just got back from my fab Honeymoon over in eastern Europe.
    I did say to the future wife that I’d hold off from buying any
    more robot type toys until we were married, so to my surprise
    the second day of the honeymoon in Budapest, walking along
    a very busy street looking up at the amazing buildings,
    I noticed some old toys in a window (trucks, cars and fire engine)
    so with a flash and sigh from the wife, I entered. I don’t know
    about these toys and up to now I’ve only collected robots but
    after a quick play in the shop with the red moon buggy, I thought it
    was pretty cool. It works just like a real tank or space moon
    tank or what ever it is, it moves over anything, spins on the spot,
    goes backwards and forword motion, then the shop keep said I’ve got
    an older one upstairs with a rocket on top, it was just the best way
    to start our honeymoon (I think the wife might have something to
    say about that). The shop keeper thought the blue one was from the
    60’s and the red was a latter, maybe the early 80’s. Any Ideas?
    The blue Jupiter boxed one I think is made by a German company
    called anker Spielbzeug but the red one only has a mark on the
    remote UEHA 14 py6. Are there any bits missing? are there many
    more like these out there? Are they rip'offs of another Japanese version.
    Sorry so many questions. Does anyone know about these toys?
  9. Paul K added a post in a topic: Czech Puppet Robot.   

    I paid about £130 UK pounds and purchased
    him from a little shop just under charles bridge.
    I'm going back over in April to look for another.

    Paul K
  10. Paul K added a post in a topic: Fly Eyes Windup   

    There are three robots in the collection, there's a blue one that looks like a junior toys robot, and other one looks a bit like the diamond head sh type robots and is green in colour. I think they are from the very late 70's. I don't think they are too rare.! I have them in my collection because of the Horikawa fly eye thing. Not the best robot in the world but I think they are a good example of the complete Fall of tin to the rise of plastic. I'll try to post a picture of the others

    Paul K
  11. Paul K added a post in a topic: I'm A Winner   

    Planet haven’t given too much away as to variations in colour or astronaut, they just said that winky would be very limited. Although, they did hint in the contest that the new release could be both astronaut and robot. The Astro Scout, which has much the same body as winky, has an all white body with red feet, arms and ears. Personally I'm not a fan of the white body paint.

    Does the astronaut have different actions to winky? I noticed that the astronaut has an arial on his back.

    Paul K
  12. Paul K added a post in a topic: I'm A Winner   

    Just a quick note to let you know that it was I who won
    The Planet Robot Winky contest. I've been trying
    to let you know but for some reason my home computer won't let me log
    on. Norton problem I think? I'm back at work so I'm able to say something.

    I entered the contest a week or so before Christmas after a few
    festive ales with some people from work. I almost forgot that I
    had a go. I spent quite few hours going through Planets site trying
    to think (not my best human quality). I only saw winky a few times on the site
    so thought it could be him.

    Winning Winky helps feed my addiction, as I've not much
    cash at the moment, mainly dew to getting married in April'05
    and just completed building works at home, so it really was an
    excellent surprise to the New Year and after saying to my soon to be wife on
    New years eve, "No I won't buy any more Robots before April", "I promise" (apart
    from already ordered robots), I had signed myself off from buying anything. Once April has passed I should be able to get back in the game (that's in, not on).

    Over the last couple of years I've found some excellent information
    about buying, fixing, cleaning, storing robots on Alpha. And without out this
    Information I doubt I ever would have won, so thanks Brian and all. :rolleyes:

    Paul K
  13. Paul K added a post in a topic: Secret Weapon Space Scout   


    Excellent! It's a crazy plan, but it might just work.

    If I can find my camera, I'll post a picture of the finished scout.

    Thanks again.

  14. Paul K added a post in a topic: Secret Weapon Space Scout   

    Just bought a SH Secret weapon Space scout (the brown version)
    at an antiques fair for 20 UK pounds, which I thought was quite
    good but with every good deal there's always a catch and
    that catch being the Scout has NO HEAD.

    The Scout itself is in not bad condition, no rust or other missing parts.
    So just wondering if anyone might have the odd Space Scout head rolling about,
    I could give it a home or if one might know where I might purchase
    such a item other than e-bay.

    here's hoping!

    Paul K
  15. Paul K added a post in a topic: Czech Puppet Robot.   

    Larry - they trade in there own currency CZK Czech Republic Koruny , also they trade in EUR - Euro. The Toy shop owner was very interested in my Robot collection, he asked if I could send him some photos, so I don't know, he might make some other version's!

    Paul K

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