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  1. HoldyourfireAl added a post in a topic: Metal House: Why No Human Faces On Their Robots?   

    Does Metal House not have the rights to reproduce the Horikawa Super Astronaut Robots with the human face behind the glass? If not, is anyone producing new versions?


  2. HoldyourfireAl added a post in a topic: List Of Horikawa Astronaut Robots?   

    Hi Folks - My name is Al. I run a site called My site is mainly about super hero statues, but I also have a section for Horikawa Robots. Unfortunately, that section has never had a lot of activity. I started it because I was a kid in the 1970s and Horikawa Astronaut Robots, along with Aurora Prehistoric Scenes models and Mego World's Greatest Super Heroes were my favorite Christmas and birthday gifts. That being said, I've been so frustrated trying to find a list of these robots, in chronological order preferrably and with pics. After a loooonnnggg time of searching, I finally discovered this site and I LOVE what I've seen so far! I even posted a link on my board.

    Anyway, I'm desperately hoping that some of you can help me. Is there anywhere on the internet or hopefully right here that I can find a list of Horikawa Super Astronaut Robots? The main ones I'm talking about are the robots that had the human face behind the glass. The other ones are cool as well and I would be interested in learning more about them, but my heart belongs to those robots with the human faces. Finally...I'd really love to see pics of all of them as well as their box art.

    Thanks in advance!


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