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  1. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Wind Up AlphaBot project   

    This is a great looking result, I would certainly be interested in buying one as it is currently in either colorway at $35-45
  2. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Electric wooden built robot.33" tall.   

    Very unique piece. I, for one, find the notion of one-off pieces very appealing. It feels more like buying art than buying a manufactured product (not that the good people at Horikawa/Yonezawa/etc. weren't artists in their own right...)
  3. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Robert The Robot Fireball Xl5 Build   

    Wow, this is really coming along nicely. It makes me want to hunt down and watch the original show...
  4. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Metal House Artwork   

    Wow, I would love to have any of these up on the wall. Any idea if they'll ever make prints of these?
  5. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Old photo I.D.   

    This appears more to be an older diving suit than a robot, judging by the picture of it beside a shark on the lower right and the buoys strung along the wall. However, it's still pretty cool.

    EDIT: Looks like Joe and I found this at the same time.
  6. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Robby Visited Las Vegas   

    Awesome find guys! Very cool.
  7. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Super heroes from Japan....   

    Hey there Alle,

    I'd also recommend checking out CollectionDX and Toybox DX- there's a ton of info and reviews on there of the toys of Japanese tokusatsu characters (Ultraman, Kamen Rider, etc.) and also the classic robot anime characters (Mazinger Z, Tetsujin 28, Getter Robo, etc.).

  8. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Great Robot Album Cover   

    Great gallery, thx!

    I also found this list of robot album covers, which someone else put together but I stumbled upon:

    He seems to have found 198 of them!
  9. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Upgarade Alert   

    Awesome update, and the mobile site looks great. a huge improvement.
  10. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: A different kind of Robot Timeline   

    Thanks for the link Joe! This is an awesome list and the site has a lot of other useful sections, too. I had no idea some of the movies this site reviewed even existed.
  11. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Wish I could read Japanese...   

    Fear not, dromers! Justin is here to translate! (Seriously, I get busy and don't check this forum for upwards of 10 days sometimes. If there is something in Japanese somebody wants translated, don't be shy, PM me! That way I'll get an email reminded about it. I'll gladly help fellow robot nuts).

    Here is what that flyer reads:

    Their arms and legs move!
    It's the fun wooden robots!
    The robots that were born from a large tree still contain the tree's warmth.
    They want to play freely in the small hands of small children.

    Here are the names of the six:

    WPRB-001 Robopin
    WPRB-002 Robogatsu
    WPRB-003 Robogiga
    WPRB-004 Robomecha
    WPRB-005 Robokoro
    WPRB-006 Robopika

    As for where to find them, the best price I could find online is 2,352 yen for the set of six. Here is the link:

    It appears this store does not ship internationally and they don't have an English website. so you will have to rely on a middle man company to get them. If you are serious about doing this, you can PM me about advice as I have bought through several of these and they have pros and cons.

    Hope this helps,
  12. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Bot-barian   

    A great piece, I really like the light up base.
  13. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Devo's Robot Maker App   

    It seems that Devo, the band that brought you "Whip It" and similar hits, are teaming up with some programmers to make a robot builder and synthesizer app for iOS. They have posted the project for crowd sourcing on kickstarter, and they are about a third of the way there. Those who pledge $350 get a custom figure of their robot! Personally I think it's pretty cool, and I'm happy to see they are using the Smoking Spaceman in their promo graphics.

    Here is the link to their kickstarter page:

    Come on Alphadrome, you know you want this, so let's make it happen!
  14. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Unknown Space Aliens and Robots   

    What a cool set, I really like the colors. Nice find!
  15. Tengumaster89 added a post in a topic: Bob the robot bank and other metal sculptures   

    Those are great too! I would say the jet pack one would be my favorite, its very sleek and its style is so pulp 50's sci-fi.

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