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  1. Ely added a post in a topic: The Rights To Horikawa Robots   

    Thanks Brian.

    If Horikawa simply ceased to exist and was not taken over or aquired by another company then I am led to believe that there are no legal implications however who knows what happened to them?

  2. Ely added a post in a topic: The Rights To Horikawa Robots   

    Hi guys,

    Does anybody know who owns the rights to Horikawa robots or any Horikawa material?
    Or is it no longer relevant as the company no longer exists.

    Trying to do some research but I can't find any info on what ever happened to the company, whether or not it was acquired?

    My concern is, will I be in breach of some copyright law if I were to use Horikawa robot imagery for commercial purposes like in print ads etc.

    Hope you can help.
  3. Ely added a post in a topic: One Member One Tip.   

    New member here but have been following for quite some time. Is moisture in the air anything to worry about with regards to vintage toys? If so, any tips on storing or even displaying these toys in a way to avoid any type of corrosion.

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