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  1. Russell added a post in a topic: December 9, 2000 Sotheby's Nyc, Griffith Auction   

    Ha ha YES Phil was presented with a toy that wasn't his. For a few seconds I think he had a little Devil on one shoulder and an Angel on the other telling him what to do.
    I think if he had a clear cut way of getting away with it without being traced he might have considered it.

    Another thing I remember was on preview night standing by a counter when a lady from Sotheby's lifts out a huge stack of catalogs places them right next to me and utters the immortal words
    "If anybody would like one of these please help yourself"
    As I was looking around in disbelief that they were giving these things away ....NASA had 2 stuffed in his bag and another up his jacket before I'd even reached out my hand!
    I did manage to grab one of the last ones before they all went in under a minute.

    As luck would have it a couple of browsers ditched their catalogue on a chair before they left later on the evening so I ended up with 2 freebies all told!
    Still got 'em on the shelf along with bidding paddle that I "souvenired"

    I also remember constantly bumping into Ray Rohr over those 3 days???/ Every store, venue or restaurant we went to he was there, made NY seem like a 1 horse town
  2. Russell added a post in a topic: December 9, 2000 Sotheby's Nyc, Griffith Auction   

    Wow, 10 yrs already? It's funny to read Nasa and Keith's account of the day :) I do remember the hotel reception saying Keith Palmer was checking in/coming up to the room quite late one night. I said to Phil, let's give him a spook and turn off the lights leave the door slightly open and hide in the wardrobe. Ha ha Keith was walking around the room with his suitcase whispering "helloooo, helloooo anybody here?" and then us jumping out of the wardrobe and scaring the Bejeezus out of him :)
    As I was sitting in the dark I did have second thoughts about how this might go horribly wrong if Home-boy Palmer was packing a piece!

    I think the highlight of the trip for me was queuing up to pay for the items after the auction had ended and collectiong our goodies . We all stood by a wall inside the business section of Sotheby's chatting excitedly about what we'd bought and then finally off to the packing room to pick up our Robots, we all felt pretty cock-a hoop as we left the building with our giant Sotheby's carrier bags:)

    If anybody ever has the pleasure of spending a night with Nasa, be sure to ask him to do his impression of a buzzing mosquito ...he can make that noise for hours


    PS. As fate would have it, an Australian TV crew froma show called "Collectors" filmed my Robots just a couple of months ago, I told them the story of our Aussie trip to Sotheby's

    (not sure when it goes to air but here is a little of what went on...)

    My link
  3. Russell added a post in a topic: Robbie Belt   

    Thanks WJN!
    Could you explain what the bit at the end means (sounds kinda technical?)


  4. Russell added a post in a topic: Robbie Belt   

    I'm not sure the inner workings can be seen be just any one Keith, It is a wonder to behold and not something to be shared with any old hoosier infidel.

    We shall see, what the future brings...


  5. Russell added a post in a topic: Robbie Belt   

    Hey Scott, I've been told a neoprene "O-Ring" from a bearing supplier will last longer than the Robbie rubber band, so i'm going to try that route :)
    Nice avatar BTW, reminds me of a gif I made a few years back...

  6. Russell added a post in a topic: Robbie Belt   

    Apolgies if this is not the corr4ect area to post this message?
    I just wondered if any members knew of the best place to get a replacement rubber band for a Mechanized Robot?
    I'd prefer one that was not going to stretch and perish (like the original one has!) are any available in Neoprene or some other more modern materials?
    Appreciate any advice


    PS. Also need a replacement red bulb for a Space Commando, if anybody knows of a cheaper way than purchasing a repro Smoking robot and taking the eyes i'd appreciate that too!
  7. Russell added a post in a topic: Here Come The Astronauts   

    Hey Duxastrogirl,
    Yes I found the thread after doing a search on Astronauts, I've been after a TM Space Commando for a number years (even hassling Moktar to try and drop the 2500 price tag he had on the one on his site) AS luck would have it I've managed to get 2 Space Commando'S in the last month!
    Combined with the other batt case Robots i'm finding the controller wires are getting a bit unruly in my cabinet. Your looked so neatly wrapped ! :)
    (I'm wary about wrapping the coil to tight without the help of a hairdrier to soften the plastic)

    Anybody else coil their wires!


  8. Russell added a post in a topic: Here Come The Astronauts   

    Nice photo duxastrogirl, I like the way the wire is coiled and held together with red tape! Did you do that yourself or is that how the toy came when packed at the factory?


  9. Russell added a post in a topic: Which Directional Robot Box Do You Prefer?   

    I like the yellow in terms of graphics but would prefer the blue as I have never seen one in the flesh and rarity always adds appeal!

    .., are you thinking of selling one KP?

  10. Russell added a post in a topic: Early Robot Collectors: Who, When, Where   

    Hey Steve, I've never heard of Bob but I've got a couple of hardback Kitahara Books with personal autographed messages to him from Teruhisa (1983-4 I think)

    I guess these guys were collecting and networking with each other way back then whilst most of us were still un-aware of the hobby!
  11. Russell added a post in a topic: Ladder Robot   

    Oh, I don't think you'd get in trouble for letting folks know it's on ebay right now...
  12. Russell added a post in a topic: Roboteers- Participate Or Perish   

    I've just been kicked out of Roboteers!
    I think this is very odd to remove somebody from an ebaygroup for NOT participating or responding when demanded?

    Hope Brian never puts on the jackboots!

    errobotman has included the following message:
    I do hope you understand, our members want other members to talk to, to share knowledge, funny moments, pleasurable times with robots, latest finds, scams etc. I have given all non responding members loads of time, and chances to speak. So far no-one has responded. So ive been forced to remove non active members. Kindest regards to you all. Roboteers.
  13. Russell added a post in a topic: Part Of The Collector's Collection   

    I see 8 Man ...very rare me thinks!
  14. Russell added a post in a topic: Bot-stock Photos   

    Great photo's I love the way Bob always dresses like a Rap star!
  15. Russell added a post in a topic: Robby Sizes   

    Sorry Robothunter, I mistakenly took that lengthy description to be all from David Kirk! Thanks for YOUR insight too
    I now havea repro RSP and a pug Robby together and the main thing that struck me despite all the points above was how much thinner the body of the RSS is, in comparison with a pug!


    PS. I think my doctored RSP image sits too high on the sled don't you think? maybe I should have removed the flaired skirt on the waist so he sat lower?

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