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  1. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Remco LIS robot motor sleeve   

    THey normally don't come with one, but over time, the rubber wheel becomes glazed and sometimes it's necessary. I have never put one on personally, but some I bought in the past have used a piece of wire insulation as the sleeve. Find a wire thick enough, cut it to size and remove the small wires from the inside and insert the insulation casing over the motor shaft. That's how a couple of mine were bought that way. However, I also found out that wiping down the rubber wheel with alcohol can "rejuvenate" the rubber and return some of it's grip back which also works.
  2. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Machine Robot   

    I have done this myself a few times...super gluing the gear to the shaft and I always do it with the motor facing down. Considering how runny the stuff is, that it can run down the shaft into the motor. That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I decided to do that...what happens if... I learned that from when I super glue models together and then I hold a part upright and it runs down my fingers. Nothing worse than super gluing your thumb and forefinger together, or to the part you're gluing.
  3. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Robert The Robot Controller   

    That remote wasn't used on Robert. They showed it being used for Robert in a Sears catalog, but the remote was dramatically changed for Robert when the final product came out to a more rectangular design.

  4. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Tudor Rose Space Clipper   

    Wow....that thing is beautiful. But unfortunately way beyond my price range.
  5. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Pretty Cool Robot, Or Scary?   

    Great video. They look almost alive they way they react.
  6. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Electric Robot & Son Variation   

    Great picture.
  7. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Maxell The Marvelous Flying Machine   

    Excellent usual. Great job.
  8. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Electric Robot & Son Variation   

    Mine has it printed on the back of the head...must be a latter version.
  9. kennetzel added a post in a topic: I've Never Seen This One Before...   

    Thanks guys. I just picked one up on's missing an antenna however. I was thinking of casting the existing antenna and making a new one for show.
  10. kennetzel added a post in a topic: I've Never Seen This One Before...   

    This is different. I have never seen this before. Anyone have any information on this? I saw it on Facebook and it's called the Starry Robot.

  11. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Scam Tv Car Again!   

    Okay, now it's there. I swear, I clicked on it before and got that other page...I wonder why? Oh well...can't figure out these darn computers.
  12. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Sankei Space Toy What's This Called   

    I remember Chuck showing this (the car version) at the last Botstock held at the Robot Hut a few years ago. That was pretty neat, but the rocket version looks great.
  13. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Scam Tv Car Again!   

    He must have taken it down, or someone bought it. I click on the link now and it takes me to a "Follow your interests"'s gone.
  14. kennetzel added a post in a topic: Botstock 12 Poster Contest   

    Here's my vain attempt.

About Me

I have always been a fan of science fiction, mostly TV. The first real sci fi show I got into was Fireball XL5. They had a robot and I immediately developed an interest in Robots. Locally we had a morning kids TV show called Rocket Ship 7. They played Warner Brother cartoons, Three Stooges and Superman. The host had a robot companion named Promo the Robot. Once again, I loved the Robot. THEN...Lost in Space premiered. I remember watchng the beginning, the tour of the Jupiter 2. The camera hit the Robot and I screamed THEY GOT A ROBOT. Keep in mind, I was eight. As I got older, I got interested in Star Trek which seems to think they are too advanced for robots, but there was Nomad. Then Star Wars came out loaded with Droids, and other sci fi. Thus my love for Robots was nurtured and grew. But there was other sci fi and action out there that didn't have robots, but they had things and equipment with really cool designs, like the Barris Batmobile. Phasers, communicators, tricorders, ark reactors, space ships, uniforms, etc...being an artist, I can appreciate all thought put into those designs. I built a lot of models as a kid, and still do, but not the standard car, but ships and things. So I decided to collect robots. I have a bunch, though nothing like some of the guys here. But as time goes by, I am atarting to pick up other movie and TV props. My recent acquisitions are my Adam West cowl, Christmas Story BB Gun and Leg Lamp, as well as two ark reactors from the Iron Man moivies and a metal helmet. So even though robots are my priority, other things interest me. My house is being over run, so either I stop, or get a bigger house. I am glad to be here and feed the need of my robot interests.

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    TOYS? Wow...that did you send? I look forward to their arrival.

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    Ken....package has been mailed....enjoy your new toys.....regards Mark/nasa

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    Hey Chuck, thanks for the friend request.