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  1. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   

    That's super helpful.

  2. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   


    You know, I was amazed today. I was reading the new Dark Horse Astroboy manga compilations, and Osamu Tezuka introduces transforming robots in an episode entitled "Crucifix Island" all the way back in 1957. One of the transforming robots even functions very similarly to the Space Explorer!
  3. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   

    true enough, though all this learning has been quite fun!

    To get back to my original question though, does anyone here know what Rocket Man, Mr. Zerox, or Secret Weapon Space Scout did in terms of "transformations"? Did any of them literally change form from one thing to another like the Space Explorer (TV to robot) or Dino (robot to Dinosaur), or were they more like the Attacking Martian, with a few surprise componants?
  4. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   

    Me again (so many months later).

    Just wondering what Rocket Man, Mr. Zerox, and the others did. I noticed they're apparently not included in Alphadrome's robot section.

    And I concur on the point about Atomic Robot Man and the Atomic Age. I could also be wrong, but it was my understanding that all things atomic were kept highly top secret until Hiroshima/Nagasaki and, if I'm not mistaken, Japanese tin toy production was haulted between then and 1947.
  5. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   

    Thanks so much, Joe!

    Yes, of course I realize that the information is ever changing. It was only a few years back that we were all sure the Atomic Robot Man was the first tin robot, and now we've got Lilliput. But today's guess is a lot better than nothing, so thanks again :)
  6. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   

    Just wanted to say thanks, once again, for all your help.

    Oh, and if anyone can determine which of those robots would be the first, I'd be forever in your debt.

    I'm currently working on a history of robot toys (leading up to modern day) for my website, and this is probably my foggiest area in the whole history.

    BTW: all help given will be fully credited on the completed web release.

    Thanks again!
  7. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   

    Ah, much thanks! yes, if anyone could determine which was first, it would be greatly appreciated :)
  8. shaxper added a post in a topic: First "transforming" Tins?   

    Hi there!

    I'm new to the site, and was hoping some knowledgeable folk might be able to help me with some information. I'm working on a lengthy project, documenting the history of robot toy evolution, starting all the way back with the earliest conceptions of robots in popular culture and moving up to modern day.

    One piece of information I've had difficulty discerning is which tin robots were the first to incorperate "transforming" aspects, and when. I'm familiar with the "Dino" robot that converts from a normal robot to one with a dinosaur head, as well as the Battery Operated Space Explorer series, featuring robots that transformed into giant televisions, and even the Attacking Martian (if you can call that a transformation), but which was the very first to do something like this, and when?

    Thanks much for your input! You will be credited in my project.

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