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  1. Velocity added a post in a topic: Star Wars Episode Iii   

    I think I can answer that one. Anakin didn't build C3PO from scratch, the protocol droids were already fairly common even when he was a child. I believe Anakin built C3P0 out of salvaged parts of protocol droids, except he never finished the droid with outer armor. As a childhood hobby, it was apparent that Anakin didn't care much about C3PO one way or the other. It was, like, "I'm going off to become a Jedi. Check ya later, Threepio. I'll tell mom not to sell ya or anything," and he marches off, leaving poor C3PO sputtering and stammering and forgotten.
  2. Velocity added a post in a topic: Star Wars Episode Iii   

    There's a side to Darth Vader that I have never understood. By the third (original) film, Return of the Jedi, we all knew that Luke and Princess Leia were siblings and children of Darth Vader, right? And, somehow, Darth's paternal instincts resurfaced when he saw the Emperor frying Luke alive, right? An amazing scene in cinema history, when Darth comes to Luke's rescue and kills the Emperor.

    However, where was Darth's paternal instinct when he personally supervised the torture & interrogation of Princess Leia (in the very first movie)? Darth certainly knew Leia was his child, probably before he knew Luke was his son (Leia was brimming with The Force, just as was Luke). I just don't GET how Darth could torture his own daughter for information, but then have a change of heart for his son.
  3. Velocity added a post in a topic: Where Are They Now?   

    Plain old PhotoShop, nothing special. :rolleyes:
  4. Velocity added a post in a topic: Where Are They Now?   

    For this first installment of "WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" we take a look at the biggest, ugliest robot of all time, BIG LOO......

    Produced by Marx in 1963 (only), Big Loo never stopped smiling even as prospective buyers stayed away in droves, perhaps intimidated (frightened?) by his flashing red eyes and maniacal grin.


    Today Big Loo resides with his wife of 41 years in West Palm Beach, Florida, in an upscale retirement community. Loo still flashes that boyish grin for the fans from time to time, although local authorities have tried to discourage him from making public appearances. Big Loo enjoys hitting the golf links on a weekly basis, as well as performing karaoke at the neighborhood taverns, not to mention passing time with one of his favorite hobbies, offshore fishing.

    Says Big Loo of his enduring popularity over the years with a certain segment of the robot-collecting community:
    "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone, baby!"

  5. Velocity added a post in a topic: Z-man...what Do The Dromers Think ?   

    This guy used to be called the "Z-Man" back in the 70s, but I doubt it bears any relationship to the naming of space toys. Or does it???

  6. Velocity added a post in a topic: Strenco St-1 Has Landed In Usa   

    Mr. Gosses, any time you're signed in to Robot Talk, you can "edit" any of your previous posts. There's an "EDIT" button right there next to the "QUOTE" button on every post.

    Also, this tempest in a teacup over misplaced advertising makes me, well, makes me very hungry. I think I'll have a nice mouthwatering cheeseburger with crispy fries and a delicious strawberry milkshake, the way they make 'em down at

    Homestyle Malt & Burger Joint!

    Where you'll enjoy 100% USDA Grade "A" Angus Beef and only the freshest organic ingredients!
    And, when you mention Alphadrome, you'll walk away with a double-sized order of Chili-Cheese-Fries

    Absolutely FREE!

    So run, don't walk, to your nearest Velocity's Homestyle Malt & Burger Joint!

    But at least I'm not selling robots.

  7. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    No maker marks at all, either on the box or robot. Just that stock number as seen on the front of the box, TR 2022. On the sole of robot's feet are two clear decals, one that says "Made in China," and the other says "Collectable Item For Adult Only." That's it.
  8. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    Yeah, it really surprised the hell out of me.

    Nearly everything you see is metal. Only the claws are plastic.
  9. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    Oops. I didn't realize I posted the same jpeg from last time.
    Here's the arrival photos of the Mutant Robot from Dusseldorf.

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that he has twin rocket packs on his back, also tin.

    Looks like they spent more time designing the box than the robot.

  10. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    Well, I received the mutant robots from Dusseldorf today. Really fast shipping. I don't know where any of you guys got the idea that these things were made of plastic, because they're not. These really ARE metal robots, just like the auction said. The head, body, arms, legs and feet are ALL made of tin. The only parts made of plastic are the claws.

    Not the highest quality construction, of course, mostly internal tabs with sloppy seams. The motors are fairly strong, and they'll shuffle along for about 10 steps on one wind. But you have to remove the key after winding, or else the right arm binds up with the key.

    They came new in box, are called "Planet Robot, Wind-Up Mechanism," and have no maker marks on either box or robot. Nothing. Box says "Made in China" and carries a stock number: TR 2022

    The zits or pock marks on the robots' faces are just little litho circles and dots, no artistic merit at all.

  11. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    They sure appear to be plastic, but doesn't "Blechroboter" mean "sheet metal robot"?
  12. Velocity added a post in a topic: Spacemen & Women From 1940   

    I especially like the defiant little space baby, brimming with babytood.
    And mom holding him like a beer bottle in a bar fight.

  13. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    Here's an old American tongue-twister:

    I slit a sheet, a sheet I slit, upon the slitted sheet I sit

    Try saying that a few times quickly.
  14. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    It was a German auction, John, and all the auction description said was that the robots are approximately 23cm tall (11 inches or so), that they were in "top condition" (whatever that means), and that they walk. That's it. I bought them on impulse because they look so outrageous.
  15. Velocity added a post in a topic: Oh My God ...   

    Well, we'll just have to open them up and cut out the bad part. LOL
    For me, they were just too hideous to resist.

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