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  1. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Vegah Rocket From Oz   

    I've found 3 versions of the Huki HK555 but this one seems the most likely progenitor for the Australian Jet plane. I mainly basis this assumption on the style and position of the wheel mechanism.

  2. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Vegah Rocket From Oz   

    It may not be a complete loss as I suspect it's based on the Huki HK555 which in most cases gets listed as a space rocket plane. So there is a slight rocket/space connection - very slight.

  3. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Vegah Rocket From Oz   

    There is no spaceship as far as I could find out. Have a look at this entry I posted at the end it shows you pictures of the toys -
  4. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Cracker Spacemen?   

    I have one metal spaceman that seems to be of the same type and I've seen one other. Both were from New Zealand auctions.

    This is my one

    And this is the one I missed out on

  5. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Thai Razer Variant   

    I came across this "Made in Thailand" version of the Razer raygun. Unfortunately the seller doesn't ship outside the US so if anyone in the States wants to get it let me know and I'll send you the link.

  6. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Space Toy?   

    Actually this one has more pictures -
  7. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Space Toy?   

    I found this link which includes a picture of the box - It calls it a sparkling car but makes no space references. So the only thing that would make it a space toy is that some of the graphics on the vehicle are space themed. So I'm thinking not a space toy as such but somethign that's peripheral/related.
  8. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: 1946 - Bubble Rocket Gun In A Story   

    I recently came across an article from March 1946 which was an author's view of the future. In it, as shown below, it mentions children shooting bubbles out of a rocket gun. It seemed to me a rather unusual and specific description which made me think that it was mentioning an existing toy. Does anyone know of a gun that was made around 1946 which would fit the description of a bubble shooting rocket gun?

  9. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: The Atom Tug   

    A couple of years ago I posted about a Pop Pop boat advert for a future/space themed boat called an Atom Tug (). Well recently I finally saw pictures of the actual toy in an auction and it definitely was a space toy by name only.

    As you can see only the name is futuristic, the design of the tug and the box are as plain as can be. I did however put an offer in for it but it wasn't accepted and I didn't go with the bid price as I didn't think it was worth the money for something that was peripheral to my interests.

  10. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: My First Raygun Build   

    Some time ago I was looking at some cheap plastic champagne flutes and thinking that they would make a good basis for a raygun. So I bought a set and then got a used spray bottle to use as the pisto grip and trigger.

    The result I think is not too bad. I did have some issues including the fact that the champagne flutes are very brittle plastic and the paints I used were 5 year old plus model paints as was the milliputty. However, I think given what I got out of it I'd like to do it again with some fresher materials.

    Some of the original materials I used

    Cut up and ready to put together

    Glued with tape to temporarily hold in place

    Added some millitputty to fill in gaps and to give extra support to where the flutes joined.

    I used some diluted wood glue to provide something for the paint to bond too. A test piece of green plastic didn't bond with the paint so I went with what I remember to do from painting Airfix figures.

    The raygun in hand.

  11. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Xmas Space Toys   

    No vintage toys this year but I did receive these Space Jets by Schylling. I like them because they go well with the Technofix, Automatic Toy company and Bulgarian spaceships I have.

  12. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Australian Bub-L Rocket   

    I finally recieved the rocket the other week and it is a nice addition to my Aussie collection. I tried to blow bubbles from it but I think the bubble stuff I used wasn't the right consistency. So I'll have to try something else.

    The rocket came with some accessories which I'm not sure if they came with the rocket or whether someone just had all the bubble toys together. I'll just have to keep on looking for an advert with a picture.

  13. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: 70's Hungarian Space Gun   

    Recently received a "squeeze" raygun which is from Hungary in the 70's. It's a basic blow molded pistol with no moving parts. I assume you squeeae it to suck up water and then squeeze it to squirt the water out. Not much as far as novelty goes but definitely liked the shape and styling.

    Here are the close ups of the designs on the pistol

    There appears to be a maker's name on the front of the pistol and a number which could possibly be a catalogue number

  14. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Interesting Large Rocket   

    I think it's a Zeppelin b Steelcraft which is 32 inches long.
  15. ANZinSpace added a post in a topic: Interesting Large Rocket   

    I get the feeling it's an old tin zeppelin. I seem to remember looking at one and thinking it would be a great starting point for a spaceship

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    Yesterday I won this nice masuya moon rocket in white.

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    1. JKRedondo

      Hello, gentlemen, I've been following Steve's many "updates" on the Holdraketa (but only via google searches). I have finally now joined here! But being first day, this is the only way it will let me "connect" with you (can't post yet). I am also about to put my Holdraketa on ebay this week. Thought you might be able to toss some advice. I had to open it (to test before sale), cutting the orig factory tape. I was at first shocked to see that mine was biz...

    2. JKRedondo

      GOLD! it's a gold holdraketa. I THINK from your notes on here that means it's from the early 1960;s run, and pretty rare. I wasn't sure we could connect via this old forum link, so I did up an ebay listing for the thing on my own. I had NO idea what price to start bidding at. I just guessed.