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  1. Dirk added a post in a topic: Blogs on Alphadrome   

    The best choice, you could make BRIAN! Where is the robotic like button? ;o)
  2. Dirk added a post in a topic: Roto Robot Repair   

    Congrats Bill - a nice purchase.
    I would prefer to take the battery compartment off and replace it to the leg section first.
    ... a drop of clear epoxy should do it....
    Then you can check easily without the Body, if he runs correctly - and have a free view to the
    rotating contacts underneeth the battery compartment.
    Please checks the wheels and inside legs correctly - and use not so heavy modern batteries...
    Replacing the Body section later on is a bit tricky...but not too difficult!
    Good luck!

    Will upload a short movie for you....
  3. Dirk added a post in a topic: Machine Robot   

    Hey Mechanic Robot!
    Pictures would be helpful to know, what we are talking about...
  4. Dirk added a post in a topic: The Start Of A Robot Collection : Blog   

    Hi Johan,
    great site and introduction - HartelijkWelkom to alphadrome and thanks for sharing your Information on your fantastic site!!!
    When I started out more than 25 years ago - I couldn't imagine, that it would be possible to get some of the nicest robots.
    Visiting Gernot. Henk & Xris for the first time in these early days, makes me feel like a dumbo...
    But everything is possible. Not easy to find all the robots you are dreaming of. It may take some time - but if you try hard enough, you will succeed in the end!
    Great start with a Door Robot, ST1 and Atomic Robot Man! Good Luck for the future!
  5. Dirk added a post in a topic: 2014-2015 Robot Collecting   

    Ups - MARK - sorry ....
    nevertheless - really fantastic additions to your collection!
    Not a single piece, that is easy to find! Congrats!

    ...and thank you Joe for the hint....
  6. Dirk added a post in a topic: My New Saucer Builds   

    WOW - Simply a MASTERPIECE Steve!!!
  7. Dirk added a post in a topic: My First Real Lillput!   

    Hi Paul - CONGRATS!
    Really a must have robot! Hope you will be able to make some arms for him, that will look a bit like the originals. Indeed a very hard to find Robot today. ENJOY!
  8. Dirk added a post in a topic: Never give up!   

    Heads up Chilli! There will come that day.... NEVER GIVE UP, my Dear !
  9. Dirk added a post in a topic: Never give up!   

    Of course - on your command Chilli!

    First Picture shows the frontside of the best Repro I have ever seen on the left side + the Original on the right side. I know the man who made these - he made a new metal mold and the antenna is nearly better, than the original. Just a bit too new, very sharp and very clean on the front. The colour is nearly perfect, but a Little bit too light and a bit more pink, than the original.

    Second Picture Show both from the backside. The Original on the right side has mold marks at 3, 6, 9 & 12 o'clock. But the Repro shows also some more in between. I spoke to the maker and he told me, He had done this to get the best result. His plan was to built the perfect Repro, but he didn't want to cheat anybody. You can buy these for around 35,- Euros from him.

    Kind Regards, Dirk

  10. Dirk added a post in a topic: Never give up!   

    BTW... Sorry Chilli. The last Astroman antenna you posted here, is very very well made. (I know, who make these near perfect repros here in Germany) But sorry again - this is not an original DUX antenna...
  11. Dirk added a post in a topic: Patents: Atomic Robot Man And Lilliput Patent Information.   

    Hi JRR - I know very well, that a serious research may take so much time and sometimes its maybe not successfull in the end. Nevertheless i want to give you a big "Heads up" ... GO ON! Much of the Information that we do not find out now, could be lost forever...
  12. Dirk added a post in a topic: Alps Rocket Man Launching Problem   

    Maybe try this first .... 200 different pieces for 4,59 € ! Ships from Germany .... E-bay: 260931434854. Containing both types... Druckfedern & Zugfedern....
    Many more assortments watch out for ( Federn Sortiment) on E-bay Germany...
  13. Dirk added a post in a topic: Lilliput History Update   

    Thanks to GILBERT & BRIAN! These are maybe some usefull notes indeed! So maybe ist still not too late to find out some more details about Robot Lilliput History!
  14. Dirk added a post in a topic: Perry's Toy Exchange On Post Tv   

    Just great - Perry!
    What a fantastic store you have!!!
  15. Dirk added a post in a topic: Merry Christmas From Brian And Family   

    Stupid world.... The first Thing I didn't like very much at FB was all these "Like Buttons" ... and now I really miss it here...
    So for all my friends and all great posts of 2014 ... here they are:

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