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  1. Zesko added a post in a topic: Botstock 2   

    Thanks, Karl... Those are some sweet fonts, a little pricey, but the free downloads rock.
  2. Zesko added a post in a topic: Botstock 2   

    Very nice, Karl...

    What typeface is that?
  3. Zesko added a post in a topic: Bet You Haven't Seen This One !   

    Kinda... Kinda looks like the Michelin Man on acid, stealing a flat-screen TV...
  4. Zesko added a post in a topic: Does Anyone Recognize This Handsome Dude ?   

    Yeah..."Have Your Picture Taken with Mr. Mechanizmo" or something like that.
  5. Zesko added a post in a topic: Schwarz On The Skids   

    I know... the last time I posted on this subject, FAO Schwarz was filing its second bankruptcy... This week, almost a year later, they've got a grand reopening. From the New York Times:

    The store, shuttered since January - when the remnants of the failing company were purchased for $41 million by D. E. Shaw Laminar Portfolios - is scheduled to reopen on Thanksgiving at 10 a.m., a day ahead of the usual kickoff to the holiday shopping season.

    Redesigned by Rockwell Partners, the store will offer 65,000 square feet of catnip for children and all but the most Scrooge-like of grownups. Tons of plush - an F. A. O. hallmark - is to be expected. But the look of the store will be totally new. Like a child mindful of the countdown to Christmas, F. A. O. Schwarz has cleaned up its act.

    What a difference a year makes!
  6. Zesko added a post in a topic: ROBERT THE ROBOT - IDEAL   

    C'mon, guys... The thing's head still comes off, doesn't it? So just plop the original head onto this new chassis...
  7. Zesko added a post in a topic: Insanity Rules The Day   

    The affluent don't throw their money away... That's why they're affluent.
  8. Zesko added a post in a topic: Robot Question!   

    Here's a tip: Go to one of the many Dollar Stores (Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc), and get your batteries there... They're not alkaline, they're just standard batteries (usually Panasonic)... They're a lot lighter-weight, they come in all sizes (D cells down to AAA), and they only cost a dollar-a-pair...come to think of it, the D & C cells are a buck-a-pair, the AA and AAA are 4 for a dollar. Sure, they don't last very long compared to Alkalines, but they'll run your robot long enough to make a video of it...
  9. Zesko added a post in a topic: Who Is This Us Made Remco Robot ?   

    What are the dimensions on this fellow? Can't really tell anything about its size from the photos... Based on the belt-drive, I assume that it's rather small. The drive/steering sure looks familiar, influenced by the Remco LIS design...
  10. Zesko added a post in a topic: Just When You Think You Have It All...   

    These "Quality" products have gotten a bum rap for a long time, in my opinion... Let's not forget that, aside from marketing toy water bottles, they also made significant contributions to our technology and way of life!

  11. Zesko added a post in a topic: Old Robot Radios Ad   

    No date on this hideous little fellow... The battery cover reads "©Vanity Fair Ind. Inc. Made in Hong Kong," but I see no other identifying marks. I'm just guessing, based on its AM-only reception and the prominent "SOLID STATE" on its chest, mid-to-late 70's... When did "solid state" circuitry cease to be a selling point?
  12. Zesko added a post in a topic: Old Robot Radios Ad   

    Hey, looks like my collection, too... Strange that it says "new for 1979," but the Mr. & Ms. Starroids date back to 1977... Here's one that holds a special place in my collection... Possibly the ugliest of the radio robots...

  13. Zesko added a post in a topic: Another Radio Robot   

    I've seen similar units, but not at that price... For $80, I can pick up five or six vintage radio robots... I'm sort of on the low-end of robot collecting.
  14. Zesko added a post in a topic: Ko Mystery Moon Man   

    Uh HUH... The infamous T28 twins rear their heads again... Several months ago, they were being sold simultaneously by sellers in Japan and Singapore, wasn't it? Exact same pictures, backgrounds and everything... and THIS time the seller wants to pass a Chief Robotman off as a Mystery Moon Man, also.

    Hey, I'd be pleading with Ebay, too, PLEASE don't cancel my auctions before I get to screw somebody!
  15. Zesko added a post in a topic: Another Radio Robot   

    Weee, I won this item today, to go in my growing collection of functional radio robots... Radio Shack special, but I'm not sure of its vintage... Judging from the limited reception (AM only), Im guessing that it's mid-to-late 70s... Won't know for sure until it arrives. Any other guesses?

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