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    LEGO MINDSTORMS would be the next step if they're really into the design and building. Maybe even look into FIRST LEGO League competitions ( ages 9-14 ). I could give you some advice on getting started if that sounds like something they'd be interested in moving forward with it. ( Girl teams seem to do well in FLL ) FIRST LEGO League site: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/fll Shameless plug of my latest LEGO Robotics book https://www.amazon.com/Winning-Design-MINDSTORMS-Patterns-Competition/dp/1484221044/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1511271793&sr=8-1 jt
  3. Introduction, thanks for the add

    You are off to a great start! Can't wait to watch the collection grow.
  4. Introduction, thanks for the add

    Nicely displayed collection Rosco; well done and welcome!
  5. Today
  6. Introduction, thanks for the add

    Welcome to the madness, Rosco!
  7. Sci-fi Pulp Covers

    That's an unusual take on Robby. More humanoid looking with a touch of the Michelin man. Hmmm different.
  8. Introduction, thanks for the add

    Great collection !!! Welcome
  9. Introduction, thanks for the add

    Rosco Welcome aboard. Beautiful display. If you completely hooked like most of us here I can imagine those cabinets bursting at the seams very soon.
  10. Introduction, thanks for the add

    Hey everyone, thanks for the add to the group. I just recently got into collecting the robot toys I had from my childhood. I spend a lot of time with modern toy robots, I write books on competitive LEGO robotics but have been missing many of the bots from when I grew up in the 70s. Currently I have a good collection of Ding-a-lings going and a few S.T.A.R. Team bots. I've really enjoyed reading about other people's collections and learning about all the various robots out there. I'm looking forward to building up my collection and adding other various robots that catch my eye. jt
  11. Roboto - A Few Videos Of My Robots.

    You have such an extensive collection of the coolest old toys in the best possible condition...A truly remarkable collection..!
  12. Specific technical question. Name this part.

    So I am looking for a replacement for the fastener that holds the saucers together on my Satellite Fleet. I've been doing searches for rivets but I'm not finding any that have the small washer on the bottom. What exactly would the robot techs here call this fastener? Thanks.
  13. Collection Update

    Cool collection... Cool curio, too..!
  14. Yesterday
  15. Were Comet Toys made by HaHa?

    I have this yellow Space Patrol Robot. I thought he'd be a good addition to my Comet/PapaSan group. I havent seen anything like him before by Comet Toys, so bought him. He's a Robby and came in a Comet Toys box marked Sold in Japan Only As I was looking him over I see he's stamped HA HA TOYS the key is marked HH as well. He matches the yellow Robbie box art and seems legit, but does anyone know how the whole Comet Toys/Robert G Johnson/PapaSan robots relate to one another? My other Comet Robot has no markings. any information appreciated. for now he's hanging out with the others.
  16. Twitch by Henk Gosses

    As weird as Twitch is, it is still an ingenious machine and shows what great imagination Henk had. Brilliant
  17. What a great looking Space Gun!
  18. Lost in Space 50th Anniversary

    Two great looking comic covers.
  19. Reproductions And New To Look For.

    Here we have a Classic Sparky to look for and RI has one! Wind-up Sparky Robot made in Japan. Limited Edition Robot made by Ichiko Japan in 1997. Only 1000 pieces of this robot were made and sold out. Exact replica of the classic 1950's tin toy robot wind-up Sparky with same actions, including peddle feet and sparking chest.
  20. Christmas holiday Robots / Space Toys tree ornaments

    Christmas Planet Robots hard at work!
  21. Horikawa Piston Head Robot just ended on eBay

    I've been caught in that myself a few times. learned to only bid 20% over what I'd be willing to pay, and lately have gone to using one of the bidding services and not checking results until after auction closes. That way I dont get caught up in the bidding frenzy. Win some , loose some but haven't spent $565 on an old Horikawa.
  22. Lucky Go Round Space Kaleidoscope

    Absolutely love the box art! I have the telescope from Morita's collection but sadly no box
  23. 3 Tin Rockets in Package

    They used to show up at shows fairly often 15-20 years ago along with the Japanese put-put saucers but have become scarce since. They came in different header cards----I know I have one more somewhere...

    My granddaughter Abby is learning robotics in her Brownie group. She wants an Ozobot Evo for her birthday or Christmas. Any other suggestions for her 9 year old age group? I feel like I'm from the stone age.
  25. Twitch by Henk Gosses

    What a wonderful piece by the late great Henk! The guy is still full of surprises.
  26. Twitch by Henk Gosses

  27. I bought this friction Hong Kong gun last week. The bullet on the site goes forward and backward when pulling the trigger. Also it light up behind the green square window. The tip seems to be glued. I have to carefully remove the glue remains there. It is about 35 cm long. 1970's?
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