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  2. I did not build any as thought they were too precious of a find. Attached a few more pics.
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  4. Oz - read all about model kits in this old long running topic
  5. Man! Sorry to hear Mick! Was there any damage to the package? I sent that bot swimming in peanuts. I've been out of town since Thursday so I didn't see this thread. Please message me if not happy.
  6. Les did you leave the kits unassembled or were there many that were actually built? Do you have more pics?
  7. Only on Yahoo Japan over time.When I was ready to sell them and move on NO takers here, someone bought the lot from where they came. Very sorry to see them go but just cannot keep everything:(
  8. Those are awesome ! How did you find them ? Auctions ? I NEVER find the model kits : - (
  9. Yes wake up one day and they are GONE---:)
  10. The stuff dreams are made of!
  11. Great book, got me into alot of trouble a while back.
  12. Wow. I leave town for a while and when I come back lots has happened. Oz got a Mighty 8, sent it to John and it's already back to Oz. Call me weird but I get a thrill out of seeing that great MT logo on a robot. Not many Masudaya robots. And the face has such character, the mouth and nose remind my of the SY spacemen. And is that cap used on any other toy? It looks kind of familiar. Fantastic piece.
  13. ... drool. Over the whole enchilada, those model kits are amazing... dang.
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  15. Thanks 👍🏻 NASA had asked me about size appx 12 inches to the top of the dome
  16. More pics some might be double , sorry
  17. How to Order from Amazon Japan The Book
  18. Great displays. Red Mechanized is quite stunning, just like on the box's lid.
  19. We now have Friday from Mars who is a lone soldier of a forgotten war, 'Friday' is the last of his kind… still awake. Ice Warrior 'Friday' - so called because he reminded Colonel Godsacre of Man Friday in Robinson Crusoe – was found injured and alone in a crashed spaceship on Earth in the 19th century. The war… all that we fought for… is less than the dust now. Having been involved in a brutal civil war on Mars, the Empress Iraxxa ordered her hive into hibernation, waiting for a time that it was safe to emerge from the scars of war to rebuild their proud world. 'Friday' (also in stasis) was sent into space to orbit Mars as a lone sentry, guarding the hive from invasion. But a catastrophe befell 'Friday’s' ship and it plummeted to Earth, to be found by Godsacre in the middle of the South African veldt. 'Friday' needed help to repair his ship and get back to Mars, so he lured Colonel Godsacre and his men, with false promises of great riches on Mars. 'Friday' appears forlorn and devastated by the loss of his people and is subservient to the British soldiers. The Doctor cannot understand why 'Friday', as a proud Ice Warrior, doesn’t resist even the most menial of tasks. Once on the 'Red Planet', the soldiers dug for rich mineral seams in the rock, even utilising Ice Warrior technology to help, unaware that the only thing they were ever going to find was the entrance to 'Friday’s' hive and his Queen…
  20. That is Awesome !!! Congratulations
  21. Thank you. Here are my 2 favorites.
  22. That is one Mighty Fine Robot Oz. Congrats on one of the best tin guys out there. Looks like he's on fire inside. Beautiful!!! 🤗
  23. Big Thanks to John for Bringing Mighty Back to life !
  24. Dear Paul, now you've really done it, cluttering up my shelves with more of these guys. THANK YOU!! I was not expecting anything like this in the mail, I knew something was on its way but I had no idea. How did you know I really wanted an original vintage trade box for these guys? It's always been that Global Shipping Program that's been an issue getting stuff from ebay these days. Thanks very much for making my day, our car and our poodle have been blowing through major funds lately with the first repairs in 10 years on the car and Farley the poodle's breathing issues... it's really wonderful to have something positive. All these years and now between Mick_B and you with this trade box there's a whole collection here to ogle and you know they've gone to a good home. They go very well with my one lonely carded version I've had for a few years now, got that one from Italy. Kinda like the Hotel California song. They can visit any time they want but they can never leave. Thanks again my friend, our year-long jaunt nattering about that orange-top was lots of fun. Sometimes the simple stuff IS the most fun of all along with the folks here like you who make the hobby what it is, much more than just gathering stuff for the shelf. Best Regards Mike
  25. If in fact it is painted, I hope you didn't pay too much for it...
  26. It was gold paint. I'll have to dig it out and take a look. I don't currently have it displayed. Space issues. (bada boom!)
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