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  2. Space Evils Their History

    It is a shame and I'm really surprised it would cost that much just to add a clear plastic visor. For a start many MH robots have clear plastic guns anyway.
  3. So, Kev, enlightened us, what did it go for ?
  4. The World of Osaka Tin toys Plus!

    We now come to the Osaka tin toy Thunderbirds standing at 10.5" Tall with Walking action with there Resin Heads and Specially Designed Graphic Box along with Individual ID Cards. They came out around 2006-2007 and still to this day maintain a great value. Not many made Scott had around 50 makes ?--John had around 50 makes ?--Virgil had around 22 makes ?-- Gordon and Alan had around 50 Makes each? All had that classic removable holstered Raygun!
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  6. Alle - Robot collection

    It certainly is a great collection, thank you for sharing the pics
  7. Lost in Space 50th Anniversary

    As the Robinsons start to load up for the premier on April 13!!
  8. Alle - Robot collection

    Awesome, Alle - 008 & Jim fit very nicely! Jim is one of my favorites - in my opinion, when they made that series (Jim, Robbie, & Mike) and the cousins - they nailed it. Congrats!
  9. Kev robot for sale

    Hi Kev, send to me your mail! ;o)
  10. Set to Soar ,Robot Ravens new Album is out !

    Cool album cover. Where is that from?
  11. Alps robot repair

    Thanks guys! Clive, I see what you mean about the leg tabs--pretty flimsy!! Mine seem to be in place correctly-Thanks for posting the picture--I think I am going to take the bottom cover off of one of the feet as one of the wheels only moves forward with a lot of pressure--I will reply later tonight after work as I have to head in now---DRAT !!!! Thanks everyone for responding! Rich
  12. Alps robot repair

    Not sure if this photo helps you Rich, it was taken a long time ago and my memory ain't what it use to be. Another problem if i recall, the two tin link plates that drive the legs were weak and maybe they have buckled and come adrift from the axles. The chest comes off easily but watch out for those brittle tabs.
  13. Alps robot repair

    Everything Brian said + Good Luck!
  14. Daleks & Monsters of Dr Who

    New Dr Who logo now out!
  15. Daleks & Monsters of Dr Who

    A new release for the 12th Doctor called Zombie Spacesuit. The next issue in the Doctor Who Figurine Collection features one of the Spacesuit Zombies as they appear in the Twelfth Doctor story 'Oxygen'. The central computer of the mining station Chasm Forge has decided its workforce has become inefficient, and so has begun electrocuting them to death in their Smartsuits, the very things that are supposed to keep them alive. When the Doctor arrives, he finds the last remaining crewmembers fighting for their lives.
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  17. The World of Osaka Tin toys Plus!

    They are extremely rare and the most rare out of all is the 2nd version Attacking Martian.
  18. The World of Osaka Tin toys Plus!

    The most rare version from Osaka came out in 2005 called the 24" Tall Attacking Martian RR02 with 100 makes. Came with Remote Radio Control and also made of Tin & Resin as Mechanical Walking Turning Action, Chest Opens, Guns Firing with Sound! There seems to have been 2 versions made the 1rst with a solid inner action area and the 2nd with a better inner open section. However the make on these are unknown as to how many made it out into production. I remember seeing somewhere perhaps less then 5 total. As you can see the remotes are different between them.
  19. The World of Osaka Tin toys Plus!

    Those are real giants at 2 ft. tall. I remember being fascinated seeing these a few years back on the old Metal House site, in the Osaka section. I remember there was quite a long waiting time after placing your order until you would get it, which is so understandable, being almost custom made, if you will, and so huge, weighing in at 15 pounds! I wish I would have been fortunate enough to have one. I do remember watching videos of these giants from the old site as well and the sound of them just moving was imposing, let alone the size.
  20. The New 2018 Robot Raven album is out. Web site with information on all things Robot Raven can be found here. http://robotraven.com/MUSEXPO.html Or you can buy the album shipped for $5 bucks on Ebay here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-to-Soar-NEW-2018-Release-from-Robot-Raven/142686159183
  21. Alps robot repair

    Thanks Brian--one of the wheels is kind of tight on one side--I will try to loosen it up-the legs are trying to move-I have never uploaded anything to you tube before!! I will have to investigate further!! Thanks for replying to this--I will keep you updated !!! Rich
  22. The World of Osaka Tin toys Plus!

    Osaka released this rare version Robby 24" Tall Mechanized Robot RR03 with Remote Radio Control and made of Tin & Resin with Mechanical Walking Turning Action. Inside Dome Pistons Move and Light Up, Scannner Rings Rotate. Exactly like the smaller Mechanized Robot. There were to be 200 made but perhaps only a few ever came to be made in 2008 I believe less then 24 makes happened.
  23. Alps robot repair

    To include a video, Rich, you need to upload it to YouTube, then post a link here. It's easier than it sounds. Are the legs moving? If so, it's probably the ratchets on the wheels that need attention. You're looking for the small metal flap that touch the rubber tyre and allow it to move in just one direction. If they don't engage properly the robot will just shuffle. A tweak or two should get them right. Also - if the wheels are bound up in any way you will get the same shuffle.
  24. Alps robot repair

    Hello! I recently bought an alps television space man on ebay and was able to get it working again(and light up too!) Everything works ,but when you turn it on it doesn't walk forward, it only rocks back and forth with no forward movement. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this ?? It is the 2nd(or 3rd ?) version of this robot--the one with the plastic casing legs. Sorry about not having a video--I am kind of terrible at figuring how to put a video up here on Alphadome (athough I have a short video I could email from my cell phone) Any thoughts you might have on this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Rich (ROBODUDE)
  25. The World of Osaka Tin toys Plus!

    We now come up to a few giant versions from Osaka like the RR01 24" Tall Smoking Robot limited to 100 make from 2003 with Remote Radio Control and made of Tin with its Mechanical Walking Turning Smoking Action the weight is 15 Lbs. However there may have only been 30 to 40 made due to the time frame of the making.
  26. Lost in Space 50th Anniversary

    I found out that the J2 will almost look the same as the first version and they built a full scale version to film in. It has 2 large main floors.
  27. Lost in Space 50th Anniversary

    I wish they would have shown the robot or the Jupiter 2. They are doing a darn good job keeping it a secret.
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