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  2. This is very cool stuff without a doubt. I get your excitement Ozzie. A big piece of an old puzzle. This picture of Dr. A's robot room always reminds me of Bob lesser's robot room.
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  4. Thank you Spark very nice of you to say so, into doing more monster stuff over the last few months.
  5. Not much left to find, very few robots and space vehicles left to go, I'm gettin' there.
  6. Wonderful pics Spark. David, you have a great archive of 'Robots at Christmas' and I always enjoy seeing them. AND, all of us here are STILL 7 years old.
  7. Here's the first, and then a few more. I'm certain I've already posted these and many others. You can't imagine the thrill of finding these in shops for a dollar or two or having them appear under the tree after you'd begged for them at the time when they were new. Even if you found them at their original price now it wouldn't be as good because you're no longer seven years old! The dates, from the top are 1956, 1962, 1963, 1966, and 1961.
  8. Now they're spilling out everywhere. Especially after the great deals with ROBOTHUNTER and most recently since Ranger's package arrived.
  9. 1981....1991... 1979 (blue walls).
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  11. Morb I knew you wouldn't let me down. You must have pics documenting every decade of your collecting. I can't just rely on you but they are so fantastic a few more later on would be great. Love 'em
  12. Far right behind the yellow tractor. 1960 Xmas morning, so it's begun, rubber handed Planet Robot. Still remember that morning very well, me in the blue pyjamas...I was really taken with that pegboard and hammer. Next pic 1967. Had the blue rubber hand remote Planet Robot between the two.
  13. Ken I like the story but this thread is as much about you as the actual robots. Tag an old pic of yourself from this period and I'll let you off. 😋
  14. This was taken about ten years was basically just the start, but it was the first robot I got as a kid.
  15. I haven't got any photo's of me as a child with my robot collection but as I have documented on alphadrome before I started collecting again when my kids were small in the early 70s. These couple of photo's have been posted on alphadrome before but I thought it a good idea to set a post where we can all post an early photo of evidence of our robot collecting. When I say all I mean anyone browsing alphadrome. All the big collectors, long standing members and newbies. Come on we all must have a grainy photo somewhere showing us receiving a robot as a Christmas / birthday gift. Morbius is always on the ball with this sort of post. Fin, Andy, Kirk all the usual suspects I know you will dig something out. It would be great to see others too many to name who used to be prolific at least getting involved with this one. It would be a fantastic catalogue of nostalgic photo's robot/space toy related and also fun seeing younger versions of ourselves. Not a cop out but I honestly haven't got an early pic of myself with robots but here's an early 80s shot of my youngest son with his and his brothers toy's now promoted to living room ornaments.😁
  16. Other Space Gun Appearances in Children's fancy outfits which shows that the gun was distributed at least from 1970 to around 1987 with outfits made by different compagnies: - In a 1978 nouvelles galeries catalog: -Captain america outfit ( by masport compagny): -A mask outfit (By Anselme compagny) circa 1986-1987: An other masport oufit circa 1985: Another photo of the gun where you can see that a small red lens is just glued on the gun:
  17. Morb As usual thanks for getting involved. Your kit making is legendary.
  18. So was he involved with desiging actual production toy robots ? or was a strictly his influence ? This may have been covered somewhere previously but we have 2 decades worth of threads now IMO it raises more questions on the prince . Was it an homage to his robots or did he work with whoever created it ? & then why go with the bizzare head when the rest of his robot designs are so friendly?
  19. Very nice gun and amazing graphism. To me, the artwork on the box could be part of an underground comic, naive and mesmerizing.
  20. I've got some of the pokibots and one mazebreaker robot. They are cool. And i don't really know why but i suddenly feel i have to buy one macrobot. Very nice
  21. Silverlit's website: Check out the Macrobot video, here: The 2017 Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair, Nuremberg:
  22. I was waiting for the laser to cut the bald guy in half so we could see he was a robot too, but they at least did the little eye trick at the end.
  23. Definitely looks 1950's to me...and in such great condition..!
  24. Here are two links with Aizawa and his Robots Some of them are huge and were shown in the 1970s at Osaka World Expo and other exhibitions,
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