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  2. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    A great collection. A piece that caught my eye that hasn't had a mention, and i only know the name after looking it up, the Bancomatico.
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  4. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    Robert - I think you may have thought the Mercury Rocket was Chinese because of the ME which is a common designation on Chinese toys.
  5. Great collection Kirk! Regarding the "Z" logo in a circle: I was able to find that same logo used as an "N" instead of a "Z". Other than position it looks pretty close to me.
  6. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    True Steve. my mistake. I thought that was a Chinese Rocket. Still a beauty! (Sorry to get your hopes up Don! ,lol)
  7. Roboter 700-A plus Devil Girl from Mars Robot Arrive

    These are the voyages of the starship Hayes, going where no man has gone before!
  8. Aliens Power Loader

    Thanks 😎
  9. Congrats Kirk to this great Easelback Gang! A must have! I had never seen a lighted eyes version ... and the picture also does not show a version with bulbs. So my guess - this is a newspaper "duck" (false message) only. We have learned, that some false advertisings or incorrect box drawing happens in these years. Remember the typographers and draftsmen had no internet in those years and when they can not hold the next "new" items in their hands, they oriented very often on already existing models...
  10. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    Amen to that!
  11. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    The first - I thank everyone for their kind words regarding the collection. There are some other pieces thru out the house I'll have to gather for a group shot. My apologies for the poor photo quality. My good camera is in dispose for now and I had to use what I had. I'll reshoot much higher quality pics when I can. I think maybe Robert is thinking the ME-56 is Chinese?(actually Japanese made by Daiya) Robert I believe 5 Grampa robots are showing including the two very precious Alphadrome pieces. David good eye - that car is called by two names -Atom Star Car and on the box -Pull Auto Cycle (Yonezawa). It caught my attention the first time I had seen it in a collection. I simply had to have it. Mine is slightly different in as much the cycle is attached by a metal clip as opposed to the usual coarse brown string. Roboto yes the piece that you are referring to is a very special creation that John Rigg made special for Robert Lesser many Botstock's ago. Robot was thrilled to receive it - and just recently gave it to me as a gift. Robert has slowed a touch but is doing well. One other thing I want to point out is that the two blue Planet robots are scarce wind up versions. The Rubber handed version is the exact same one found on the cover of the fantastic book Roboter by Botho Wagner. A special friend made it available to me which I am still thankful for to this day. Let me add that this hobby (or crack addiction) of ours is indeed very special. Every collection is different and with such variety is the most sustaining and satisfying hobby that I know of.
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  13. Happy Tuesday all, (left to right - with dates listed from the database); Robot, (Domed) Easel Back Robot (my robot is marked Linemar) - Sept. 1958? Robot, Remote Control Easel Back Robot (my robot is marked Yonezawa, plus a mystery trademark? see below) - Mar. 1957? Mechanical Robot, Rivet Wind Up Easel Back Robot (Polka Dot) (my robot is marked Linemar) - no date listed Mechanical Robot, Wind Up Easel Back Robot (my robot is marked Yonezawa, though I have also had the Linemar marked version) - Nov. 1956? Fresh from the Netherlands (many thanks to Martijin) - the missing link to my little group (the Remote Control Easel Back - Battery Operated Robot, on the right). I thought that I had a single c cell remote stashed away, but it was a two function single d cell... I'll stumble over one someday... lol. Here's the new guy in action with his temporary remote. Fairly spry considering his age and jet lag :) Since I've set my mind on owning this little group, I've been reading whatever I can find. I have a couple of timeline related questions swirling in my noggin... Was there ever a real "lighted" eyes version of this robot? In poring over as many pics as I can, I've not ever seen one - it certainly doesn't mean that it didn't exist, just that I can't find pictorial proof. I think the confusion about this might come in part from this add that Brian found a couple years ago (the timeline entry notes that this was in the March 24, 1957 Cincinnati Enquirer). No doubt, the add was present, but this photo shows what I think is the non "Polka Dot" version of the wind-up Easel Back - that said, the arms shown in the add are certainly from one of the battery op versions...? I would guess that a battery operated version was being shopped, but the ad placement folks did not have anything design-wise to really go on. Is this a drawing, or a photo of a photo? again, has anyone ever had a non-modified, lighted eye version? This ad listed in the timeline by Brian shows what I believe is the "Polka Dot" wind up. From the Kingston Daily Freeman, Nov. 1956. I'm pretty comfortable saying this is the Polka Dot - note the eyes (the litho on the robot has light blue detailing where the print ad "went dark". Also note the center chest litho - while the print add loses detail, I feel that it clearly shows the vertical grid of the Polka Dot Easel. Next is the Domed - Brian and Joe both have 1958 ads listed. The ads clearly show the Domed version - my only question is this; where can I place my order? I have $10.00 to blow on a handful of these gems! So, what I think I'm comfortable stating; The first Easel Back Robot ad that we know of shows the Polka Dot - and it's from November of 1956. The Domed has a couple confirmed ads from 1958. A mystery ad from March of 1957 is selling a lighted eye, remote controlled version that shows the non-Polka Dotted, wind up Easel Back... with arms from a remote version, either one. Really, this entire time frame is a fairly compressed 2 year period - and less than 6 months from the ad showing the Polka Dot to the mystery ad for the lighted eye version. I know that I've read opinions regarding the Domed being the earlier version - due in part to the complexity of the dome and the lithography. I tended to go along with that theory - as production went one, it would seem that they would want to get more simple in production facets and cost - so, start with the dome and great litho detail and subtract the dome and some detail = new robot to sell. I'm now leaning away from that thought - the mystery ad from March of '57 is selling an unseen battery operated version. Is that the "non-domed" version? Last, but not least - what is this fantastic trademark? This is on the non domed, remote version that I have - and it's also shown in the database photo. Much appreciation for sharing your thoughts and memories about these great old robots! Cheers, Kirk
  14. Iron Man 3

    New out today! Straight out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes Mark 26, better known as Gamma! Comicave has released a eye-opening 1/12 scale Gamma figure (JAN182449, $130.00), just like the one Tony Stark dons in Iron Man 3. This 7" figure is fully articulated and comes with interchangeable accessories, including LED light features in the eyes and chest. The figure is also made out of 75% die-cast metal. Featured in the film, the Mark 26 has specially built armor, enabling it to withstand extreme heat, electric surges, and gamma radiation. Pre-order now at your local comic shop!
  15. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    Robert - which rocket are you referring to? I'm not seeing a Chinese rocket.
  16. Reproductions And New To Look For.

    Last one for now. At the Edge of the Universe: Don't Even Think About.. 1/24 Scale Model Kit (Figure, Counter & Chair): Take part in the Strange Company's Adventures with this figure set from Master Box! Jacqueline the grifter strikes a saucy pose in the course of yet another instance of using her feminine charms. The bar stool and table are included.
  17. Reproductions And New To Look For.

    And now for. At the Edge of the Universe: Keep Moving 1/24 Scale Model Kit (2 Figures & Counter): Take part in the Strange Company's Adventures with this figure set from Master Box! Drag, the sheriff on board the ALMAR Space Station, impresses upon Joker, the owner of the bar, the need for order.
  18. Reproductions And New To Look For.

    Next up. At the Edge of the Universe: Back Off 1/24 Scale Model Kit (2 Figures): Take part in the Strange Company's Adventures with this figure set from Master Box! Hunter Bungee Bgala faces down aggressors with her very large weapon and her robot partner Boomer.
  19. Reproductions And New To Look For.

    Something new and very different. At the Edge of the Universe: Wow, 1/24 Scale Model Kit (3 Figures): Take part in the Strange Company's Adventures with this figure set from Master Box! Diminutive robot Robie expresses his approval of the contours of the android waitress Ivet, to the amusement of mercenary Anton. Paint these figures any way you like, and add them to your lineup today! Due out Feb-2017 the cost around $20.00
  20. New Metal House Bots.

    The price was high on those versions. They should have also made a nice run on the Dino version like this one in gold the cost on the above white version was around $500.00 and the first ones to have that lower light area.
  21. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    Does not matter how these are arranged
  22. Daleks & Monsters of Dr Who

    Here we have Harrop's version of the Alpha Centauri monster. Alpha Centauri is an alien delegate for the Galactic Federation. The character appeared in two serials during the Third Doctor era in the early 1970s, before making a surprise cameo towards the end of "Empress of Mars" in 2017. Alpha Centauri is a hermaphroditic hexapod from Alpha Centauri and, being effectively genderless is referred to as "it" as opposed to "he" or "she". It is tall, green, has one large blue eye, six arms and a high-pitched voice, wears a long yellow cape and walks with a nervous gait. It is prone to cowardice and hysterics. It has a low opinion of Earth, describing it as a "'remote and unattractive" planet, but regrets that its appearance can frighten humans. It regards females as unimportant.
  23. Steve Rearranges His Shelves

    What an excellent collection! You have an extremely nice Hook Robot there, I hope to find one as good as that some day. Thank you very much for sharing
  24. New Metal House Bots.

    never understood why they didn´t made this version with a reasonable price,
  25. Paper/cardboard Rayguns...

    Hi all! I was considering to start a collection of paper/cardboard "pop-up" rayguns. Do have anyone an idea about how many different specimen exist around? In the AD DB there are only 3 or 4 models listed... TIA! Ervino
  26. Rak "52" Solid Fuel Metal Rocket "Made in Germany" V2

    Nice detective work there, Lunik. Hopefully we will get some answers soon.
  27. Yes, space is the final frontier...
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