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  4. A picture of the bottom side so we can see the read drag wheel.
  5. Yes, a Yorkshireman, she met him on holiday in Cancun Mexico one year ago, she moved to Selby, his hometown this January. My daughters grandfather , my wife's father, was born and raised in London. Our family is very familiar with the U.K. I will be going across the pond with frequency in the near future.
  6. No, the only samples I have seen or owned so far had the green wrench and black nut on top which is missing in many cases.
  7. Is he a Yorkshireman, Stan?
  8. It's sad what a language barrier and a bit of an ego will get you. I fear for our first contact with an alien species. "What do you mean of this "newbie" status while I'm on your planet?"
  9. Just received my Mars Explorer. Works perfectly, but he runs in circles. Is that normal or should he only move forward? I have looked in the database and read: "Robot moves forward, stops; chest door drops down and guns fire. Face panels open to reveal astronaut face. " I have looked on youtube and only found one example with a faulty head on him, but he seems to ride in circles as well. Like to hear the pro's comments :)
  10. You might possibly have a junker robot that could donate a couple of tab rings, regarding the bend over cog here's a photo of the offending piece, providing the peg is still there you try could a little trick of nipping the body of the cam with side cutting pliers to compress it on the shaft, often works, well did for me.
  11. Yeah but "Siren Stan"...seems they could have put more effort into the name; something like Sonic Stunner or Sonic Unstabilizer, etc.
  12. Wow !!!! Looks great--Glad you are feeling better too. I am not familiar with this robot , but it is a really cool design
  13. Mr. Zerox--I have replaced the bend over cog in a Mr. Mercury robot before and the repair went fine ! I got the part for 18.00 from Classic Tin toy Co. in Wisconsin. Their web address is https// The repair itself is fairly straightforward, once I got the old cog off I used epoxy on the new piece and it worked like a charm!! the cog has an arm that travels along a channel and causes the robot to bend over--It is pretty accessable without taking the robot apart too !! I bought a Mr. mercury very cheaply on ebay that nothing worked on and spent about 2 weeks getting all of the functions going again--That is a very complex robot--but the bend over fix is pretty easy !! If you decide you want to fix it you can email me and I can give you some pointers on how to do it---- Rich
  14. I have made tab rings from the base of a drinks can. Cut off the base with heavy duty scissors and puncture the slot with a small flat head screw driver, then cut to shape. Easy as! By the time the tabs are bent over you can barely see the ring. A very nice Mr Mercury, Mr Zerox.
  15. Thank you John for your information on Mr Mercury. Not being familiar with this Robot I did not realise that the original hand pads were Yellow and that he is missing tab rings, thank you for pointing this out. Is there any way of getting replacement tab rings? I wouldn't feel confident taking something apart that complexed and something that I have no knowledge of. Yes, I shall leave well alone and just give him a clean up.
  16. Will be in York for my daughters wedding from May 3 to the 8th, she is marrying a Brit !....stan
  17. Yes I have made a few bend cams in my time, its a pain the ass ! I see your Mr Merc has replacement hand pads that are white, this version came with yellow foam pads, some day you might want to make new ones. Also the tabs on the top the body near the head are missing there tab rings, so some one has been inside before. Great looking robot and in good shape the years. One of my all time favorites as you can actualy play with the robot, most robot toys you just turn ON and let them go but Mr Merc was a hands on toy. Love that.
  18. Lots of things went into catalogs and didn't manage to get made, or get made exactly as pictured. They often got sold to the distributors before they were available. I don't think this appearance means that it actually made it to market.
  19. I say there is no shame in being a Newbie. It says in effect Hi, I am here to share, talk about and post on a forum of a shared interest. Each member here started as a Newbie and it in no way denotes knowledge but the number of posts. I am still listed as a Newbie and know it has to with post numbers and not lack of interest as there are many interesting threads to read but not necessarily ones to post on for various and sundry reasons. Post count increases over a period of time and with it status and knowledge. I say better a Newbie than a No~Be!
  20. That could very well be , they are certainly scarce enough
  21. This the oldest Mr. Screwball robot image I have found. Notice the grey wrench and top nut is red which leads me to believe this is an earlier make. Later ones have a black nut and dark green wrench. Now this begs two questions~ How many of the grey wrench red nut ones are still in existence and are there other color combos? Notice too the cost. Today this cute little robot is a collector item and valued not for its cost but because it is scarce and is of sentimental value. Has anyone else seen this version?
  22. It is sad news. I hope all the machine's etc are kept. They should be as they're not only part of Japanese history but the history of toys.
  23. Beautiful pickups for sure. Love the box art, nothing like suction cup shoes on the aliens.
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  25. How about the Sentinel robot from this movie.
  26. Here is a set to look for came out in June of 2011. Destiny of the Daleks signed version. This one has a special card signed by actor David Gooderson who played Davros in the 1979 series.There were around 500 makes.
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