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  2. Thanks for posting this Kirk!!! Yes, I had to fabricate a new "hat" as I didn't have a retaining ring for the dome-you can get great reproduction domes on Ebay(Nimrod makes them!) but I didn't have the metal retaining ring to hold it in place. The hat is made from a painted closet door handle and the green part is from a litebrite peg set. It transmits the light pretty well. As Kirk had said, I made a short video of the robot in action, When I figure out how to post it I will put it up! I borrowed parts for the gears and clear chest plate from my original engine robot and I have replacements for those coming from Australia. I wanted to get it together and put it into action! What do you think??? I know its not stock, but I only paid 59.00 for the robot and I thought the hat was a good compromise for not having parts(the metal ring) Thanks again Kirk for posting this! Rich
  3. As seen in this 1964 Santa's Toy and Gift Carnival catalog: While the catalog appears to be undated, also included is the Crazy Clock Game by Ideal which helps to pinpoint the year as 1964: The recently ended catalog listing:
  4. Robodude / Rich sent me a couple pics of his Golden Gear, cleaned up with a custom crown. He also sent a vid of him running, but the format wouldn't post properly for me. Well get that straightened out, but in the meantime - he wanted me to share the progress he made. Cheers all,
  5. A Humanoid monster version of a Dalek Sec was the leader of the Cult of Skaro, and later, a Human-Dalekhybrid. Known for being given the capability to think beyond the normal scope of a conventional Dalek, he eventually resorted to unorthodox methods to keep the Dalek species alive. The act that ultimately doomed him was tampering with the genetic template of his species, which was considered an affront to the existence of pure Daleks, and repulsed the other Daleks under his command when he chose to undergo an evolution into a new form. His personality vastly changed following his transformation, going from a ruthless strategist to a pacifist, and his subordinates responded accordingly by going from following his orders unquestioningly to rebelling against him.
  6. The evil Monster called Rassilon.
  7. Thanks guys. Just checking to see if there is one brand better than the other. I'm slowly learning about the Remco LIS robot and all it's parts and what they do. When I first got the stash there were parts that I didn't know where they went or what they do. I'm pretty sure I understand everything and it's function now. If I can master getting the motors running I will be able to put together several working robots. The key word is slowly as I've had the stash of parts for a while now. Many thanks to robot2500 for this thread. It's been my main blueprint for this project.
  8. Built/painted this 40+ years ago (minty Captain Action doll under there $2 yard sale find) with aluminium paint over DAS modeling clay. Had it nice and smooth with first coats until I touched up a few areas with fine sandpaper then resprayed. Just like you say Marco the paint settles in between all those tiny gaps.
  9. Marco provide pricing on the 2 versions for the Alphadrome Members . Thanks !
  10. Contact cleaner is fine then I use a graphite based lube, but just about any lube will work you use such a small amount. Its a catch 22, lubes do not conduct but you need them to keep the wipers "brushes" from wearing out. Real motors with carbon brushes do not need lube as the carbon brush is the lube as well as the contact, but these cheep toy motors just have wipers that we call brushes and they will wear out very fast with out any lube.
  11. There are a bunch of them out there, Don: Is one better than the other?
  12. Very Nice !!!!
  13. Thanks guys, Its really fun to make these robots. this topolino is the second one in this "series" of special star striders, the first one i made is called Jalisco Star Strider, Here is a picture of him. Currently I am working on the third one but...need some time to finish him... more about that later :) Here is number one of the special star strider force.. Jalisco Star Strider.
  14. Brian The reason for the crappy look is simple: The lining of the print is relative rough and when you spray it silver, the little particles in the paint crawl between the lines and accentuate them, makes them even more visable. only solution is print in high resolution. i am not sure what resolution your printer is capable of, but go with the highest. The higher the resolution, the less crappy it will look like when you paint it silver but paint it in general also. the better the print, the better it looks when painted. And Yes Fusion 360 is THE CAD program to go with, its the follow up of 123Design that i used in the past, Fusion is really amazing !, invest some time in it and it will pay itself back triple :)
  15. Been building model kits all my life, the only paint worse than silver is gold. I recall model cars I painted in either seemingly never dried to the touch. What are the properties of gold and silver that make them so gloppy and sticky does anyone know? White is another quite sticky paint to apply I suppose that's why we never saw many white tin robots.
  16. MRH Got to agree. It's a beaut.
  17. Up next we have the Tritovores who were green-skinned humanoids with insectoid heads resembling those of flies. Their heads had two large compound eyes, and several complex parts making up a mouth. Tritovores communicated by clicking these mouth parts to produce sound. They had simple, three-digit hands, and fed on the faeces of other species.
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  19. What a great line-up of photos taken!!
  20. What is the name of the product to use when lubing an electric motor? Also I have one of these LIS robot motors that was working and just stopped while I was putting the robot together. I'm thinking of using some contact cleaner on it. Is that advisable on this type of motor (no "brushes" but those v shaped contacts)? I assume the recommended process would be contact cleaner first and then lube? Any tips on process and the right products would be greatly appreciated.
  21. It was the perfect day for a drive to Cherry Hill, New Jersey for the semi-annual Monster Mania horror convention. This particular show was their 37th and certainly one of their most star-studded with such celebs as Val Kilmer, Kate Beckinsale, Peter Weller, Daphne Zuniga, Jennifer Carpenter, Chris Kattan, Ke Huy Quan, Jeffrey Combs, Stephen McHattie, and oh-so-many more. On my list were Kilmer, Weller, Quan, Carpenter, and McHattie. I was not able to have my photo taken with Peter Weller (Robocop, Buckaroo Banzai) or Val Kilmer (Tombstone, Top Gun, The Saint) this time around. However, I did meet Mr. Kilmer about eight years ago at a comic con in NYC where I did have my photo taken with him. As for Mr. Weller, maybe next time. Happily, I was able to pose for photos with Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter, Exorcism of Emily Rose), Stephen McHattie (character actor from such shows as Watchmen, JAG, Monk, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and many more), and Ke Huy Quan (Goonies, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) at their autograph tables. My wife and I then roamed the dealer room and stopped to chat with artist friend Michael Riehl and his wife Kate Phillip Riehl at their traditional spot in the room where Mike’s hand-painted ornaments depicting characters and vehicles from TV and movies never fail to draw eager attention from the fans. The crowd was not as intolerable as I had originally anticipated given the caliber of stars signing at this con. All told, it was a wonderful day for my wife and I to spend with friends, fellow fans, and celebrities. Onto the next!
  22. Shop shot. Its nice having a place were no one can tell you to clean it up. I normally do not clean up much until I start tripping over stuff.
  23. The gear box modified is on the left and the gear box as removed from the smoker robot is on the right. You can see when part of the metal frame is removed and changes are made to the mechanical Stop / walk mechanics.
  24. There is a custom Mosfet isolated driver that I build for the walking motor control here are the parts and what it looks like assembled. The unit is placed inside the metal gear box frame behind the motor.
  25. I do not have any of the non assembled body / head parts right now, they are all ready prepped for the build. But I have the lower mechanical walking parts both metal and 3d printed and electrical that I have laid out for you. You have to take the legs off anf apart to pout in the new battery boxes and to paint them . You also have to take off the door latches for painting then rivet them back on.
  26. Hi, just received this one
  27. Here we have the Judoons a race of rhinocerid humanoids from the planet Judoonia, frequently employed as a mercenary police force. They were known to be brutish and single-minded in carrying out their tasks, without regard for unintended consequences of their actions.
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