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  2. A Classic photo with Armand & Ray at Metal House in Yahiro Tokyo in April 1999. It had been the Golden Age of reproduction Tin Toy.
  3. Your Popeye is spectacular! I tried decades ago but couldn't get it right, you did!! Wonderful! Bat Mite is terrific, you're a very talented artist. You need a Goon to go with him, did this about 30 years ago. DAS over coathanger.
  4. Megastellar. Very talented. The Popeye is brilliant. Maybe as a future project while on this forum you might consider building a model robot or space toy. Love the Bat Mite pic. He would also be a.good 3D.project.
  5. Saw this attractively shaped tool kit on eBay, does anyone know anything about this? I tried to find other pictures on the web but was unsuccessful...
  6. Beautiful display Steve Congrats !! I'm sure this will expose the hobby to completely new demographics
  7. Hellooooo! here's the pics I said I send. Popeye is made out super sculpey over a wire skeleton. I primed him with flat white spray paint and then used acrylics paint. I bought the wooden round base at a craft store and painted it the same way, The other pic is Batmite from his first appearance in the Batman comics years ago. I got a book from the library with a collection of some of the old stuff in it. I drew from his first panel on bristle board and then painted him with acrylics. I'm thinking of framing him in a 8 by 10 frame and then cut his dialog balloon that says HI! out of a plastic yard sale sign and glue it on the frame above his head. I can't make up my mind what to sculpt next, Quisp, Dangermouse or Batmite. I have a War of the Worlds Martian model by Pegasus coming in the mail, so he might be the next project. Has anyone guessed or know what cartoon my name and picture came from? later,Megastellar
  8. If the motor runs but it does not walk then the drive gear for the walking mechanics might be worn down, and 3 or 4 other things could be wrong. But you will have to open it up if the motor runs but the robot does not walk.
  9. Art,first contact and flying creatures
  10. Hi All! OK, these are paper cut-out, but at the same time they are Spacemen figures... so... where to post them? Oh, well: here for now! More info and images will follw ASAP... E.
  11. :) Seller still claims he hasn't received the money. - Either he can't enter his paypal-account. - Or he just refusses to convert the money so he doesn't have to sell the robot. - Or .... Have sended him multiple emails, with no outcome. 2-3 days to go, and then paypal should automatically refund my money. Hope so. But what gets to me ever time is the way the tone he writes to me. A few more days and I'm done with him :)
  12. Nice catalogue Oz! We discussed that Laser "prototype" earlier. That prototype never showed up in reality. Can't remember who, but somebody here aboard did this "fotoshop fake" some years ago...
  13. Wonderful display & fantastic exhibition! Congrats Steve & Thank you for sharing!
  14. Thanks Brian, I agree with your guess on it's age. I posted the find on a Vintage Space Toys page on FB and Gernot suggested it was actually Austrian due to the way "January" was spelled. It seems to be a new one for everyone so it may be difficult to determine what game pieces actually came with the set. Another member posted the below link, which may be where a lot of your pictures came from for the German Space Board Games database. From the instructions, Gernot also said the game came with four rockets and one robot for a total of 5 players, which may have looked like this:
  15. Hi All! I found a (FWIK) never seen before CoMa "vehicle". It is a card-mounted propeller-like flying wheel, with a rubber-band-powered launcher, named "STRATOSFERA CON FISCHIO" (Stratosphere with Whistle). The item has a diameter of about 18,5 cm and is mounted (together with its launcher) on a card with a, IMO, very nice "essential" futuristic image. On the photos below is hard to see, but the three yellow "blades" of the propeller are textured in a way that resemble the wings of a bare-alluminium '50s plane, or the "skin" of a Space Opera rocketship. AAMOF the set I received (beside the very dirty card... ) has two of the propellers plus three 1" CoMa Seleniti (that may be or may be not part of the original set), so this vehicle could be the Selenita-equivalent of the "Pattuglia Marziana" Navigazione Spaziale rocket??? The product number of the set is 174, so only five numbers less that the 179 of the "Marte" Spacemen + Gun box. Cheers Ervino
  16. Maybe already mentioned here... if not here goes. Seems the background for Forbidden planet still exists and is now used for model shoots. Trying to find out more, so if any1 has more pictures, info,.... for me. Drop a line.
  17. Great artwork. A few months ago I added a range of space games to the database but this is a new one to me. The artwork suggests the 1950s. German Space Board Games
  18. THANK YOU for all of the great compliments and comments regarding this exhibition. I certainly appreciate hearing from all the Alphadrome Members. Especially great hearing from old friends from the early days when I started the CYBERTOYZ.COM web site. Hard to imagine that was almost 23 years ago...
  19. I have a large Horikawa super space giant robot that has firing guns, and rotates, but it won't walk. What could the problem be ? Do I have to open it ?
  20. On ebay now Some very nice robots & space toys listed The laser 008 looks different
  21. Yesterday
  22. I found this board game at an antique mall in PA a couple weeks ago and finally got around to taking a few pictures; Google translates the title to: A Journey to the Planet. The box and board art has a neat blend of futuristic and dated craft and remains quite colorful; I'm not certain the board pieces are original and I'm hoping a fellow Dromer or two could shed more light on the piece if it's known. Unfortunately there is no date or manufacturers information on the box or board.
  23. There were a whole bunch of those gold Robby, some with parts missing and a blue with the the cover on the dome gone and a silver with some of the front missing as well as some random parts just sold together
  24. Something different by Kotobukiya the cost around $90.00. It's that mega-ape Zoid Iron Kong, as the personal steed of Karl L. Schwarz! Fitted with the beam gatling gun, Schwarz used the mighty Iron Kong to ably battle for the Empire! This amazing kit in 1/72-scale is in the same scale as other Highend Master Model (HMM) Zoid kits, and is also the largest entry in the series to date, easily towering over other machines! Iron Kong is be fully poseable right down to the individual fingers upon completion. Among the cool features of this kit are an openable cockpit with detailed interior and pilot figures, an openable chest with removable Zoid core, and the capability to strike a convincing gorilla pose drumming its chest! A sheet of marking stickers is provided. Includes exploded-view pictorial-type instructions, with notes in Japanese. 25cm tall.
  25. Chime Trooper has wrong box with it. Quite obvious to collectors.
  26. Hard to believe that one of the Osaka factories unloaded all these robots to see on Yahoo JAPAN ! Plus more , to much to list , There going cheap for sure , Great for dealers to buy lots and mark up or use for projects etc......
  27. Back at Robot Island! Battery Operated Lantern Robot is an exact reproduction in style and function to the original 1950's 8" tall battery operated Lantern Robot originally produced by Masudaya of Japan. Lantern Robot functions include mechanical walking action with swaying arms, lighted eyes, and his unique ability to blow powder from his mouth. Only robot of it's kind with these functions. Lantern Robot comes complete with the powder you need to make him smoke, but you can also use household talcum powder to replenish him. Manufactured by the HaHa Toy Factory.
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