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  2. I'm open to & appreciate all suggestions & there are suggestions we'll certainly consider. As as for the head it would be easy & way cheaper to use the existing head but when I open kitaharas book & I see those 2 faces I feel they are so integral to the spirit of the original toy that to capture the essence best it can be, then it's worth to invest the $$ to do it accurately as possible my CAD guy tried his best to model them but it was too difficult to get all the little contours & nuances so sculpting was the next best option i asked John if he could fit a magnet on the bottom which he did so the head is removable that means in the future if someone wanted a different head to swap in there it's possible Anyway we would like to do a small run but these won't be cheap lots more cost in this compared to say Mrs Radicon Not to mention the added work expense of buying/ stripping down donor smokers once i pin down some costs with John ill post it in the 3D thread Thanks for the comments 👍🏻
  3. Mechanical sound is possible, I threw in the evil laughing as a after thought, then Oz and I liked it. But mechanical screeching can be played back threw a digital play back sysyem also so you could have the best of both worlds if you wanted. Its ozzy project so what ever he decided he wants is what I will do. The dual head is something I threw together from some faces on thing a verse just so I would have a test head for the mechanical set up. I would lean more to a robo cop and Maria head swap myself, but then I don't have any real love for the original heads. The shaking arms can be made happen more or not at all.
  4. I was a little put off by the new heads for just an instant but it only took that long to get used to them. I'd be curious to see what you end up with copying the originals, but really, the new ones are good too. Part of the vibe from the originals is the crude sculpt and the sloppy painting, which would certainly not have made it to the finish. I love the lights. The operation is great - the hands quivering! How long did it take John to figure all that out? I do wish that you could have analog sound - rotary screeching like in the orange flying saucer, and maybe bells or hooting for the angel, just to keep with the period feeling and to avoid the greeting card sound, but if I didn't have that prejudice for mechanical sounds, this would work perfectly well too. The timing is great. John needs to do a run of these!
  5. I like that wonky distortion it's trippy 👹 but I'll go with majority consent
  6. John, I think it looks much better with full lights running, and personally, I like the current heads much better than the originals, but then again, that is the point.
  7. Is there a story behind the concept of this robot with the prince, who happens to be encased in a robot body, who then turns into a demon?
  8. Sorry missed it lol
  9. Thanks Ozzy, for showing the original. But the devil still hiding?
  10. Here is the non painted prototype with out you tube distortion and when alkl the lighting functions were still working. Shipping to ozy was not kind to the project, if you know what I mean.
  11. Defiantly turn off that you tube stability setting.
  12. Here are the 2 faces from the original , I plan to have a head sculpted that matches the original thanks to a lead from deep space although it's rather pricey 😱
  13. The devil's apearance and sound is really funny. Great project! Did I ever see the other face of the original? Is it actually The Anti-Christ showing up in a Japanese design?
  14. I used YouTubes image stabilization which turned it into a vertigo inducing surreal looking dream sequence 😄 However I thought somehow it was appropriate for this ' cursed ' robot 🤖 Although I could revert it to normal
  15. lol - I thought if was an odd format to my phone... so, it wasn't just me.
  16. Honestly, I'm not a fan of change robots, but this one is the exception; a marvelous design and wonderful action, the evil laugh was icing on the cake. Excellent work!
  17. Very cool. Although the digital distortion during your "walk around" was a little disturbing. I thought I was losing it there for a second.
  18. Now that's what you call a Prince. Excellent work, gentlemen.
  19. Awesome!
  20. The robot is within an 1/8th of an inch of the Original if not 100% exact size I'll add details to under the Changing Prince thread in the 3D section started last year Keep in mind this is just the prototype. The finsihed product will be more polished
  21. Once again John pulls off the impoossible
  22. Sparkrobot, Thanks for looking and commenting on my robot collection. You are so right about it being different. I see it as a reflection of my being......Wellll a Screwball, who enjoys collecting Robots of all kinds! Here is a photo of my latest acquisition I bought at a local Antique shop. This one has a nice muted purple metallic color to it and I thought his red visor and laser gun was kind of neat. Sadly he does not work but I am thinking loose wire or bad battery conductor fit. I know given time, luck, and hope. I will find a Nuts N' Bolt robot, but the Rarer S. Mr. Screwball I have yet to see unless I get lucky! Search and discovery is one of the fun aspects of Robot collecting. Ooh that thrill of discovery and ultimate ownership is icing on the proverbial cake ! Thanks for the words of encouragement.
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  24. Great find. I just assumed these guns only came in a bag with a header card. More great stuff from Gilbert - Thanks!
  25. Gilbert's had some success matching boxes to those little Japanese space guns. Yahoo Japan had a couple of these for sale, but Gilbert guessed that they came from one seller who had mixed up the toys and boxes. Here's his suggested pairing of gun and box. And I'm sure he's right. Atomic Ray Gun 1 Atomic Ray Gun 2 2
  26. Coming Oct-2017 the cost around $750.00 each. We are pleased to present both Stargate 1:2 scale Anubis and Horus Helmets! After the success of the 1:1 Anubis and Horus helmets, We have decided to answer the call from our collectors and create a table top version of the Anubis and Horus Helmet in 1:2 scale. Through the technical wizardry of Captured Dimensions, the 1:2 scale helmets were brought to life using their expertise in digital scanning. We can confidently proclaim that the 1:2 scale helmets are 100% authentic to the 1:1 Helmet due to the technology we have available today. Much like the 1:1 Anubis and Horus Helmets, the eyes are illuminated with a replaceable battery. These helmets will be made from polyresin and may require assembly, though not as extensive as the 1:1 Helmet. Dimensions: 23″ tall, 10″ wide and 11″ deep
  27. Lift off !!!!!!
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