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  2. Very diverse trio! A fine batch.
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  4. Nice trio Kev! Very cool. The mighty is larger than I thought.
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  6. Great additions!
  7. Really Nice Kev !! Congratulations
  8. Nice additions.
  9. Hi guys hope your all well just thought I would share some of my recent buys hope you enjoy kev 🙋‍♂️
  10. Coming out March 2018? With the Comic-Con trailer dropped for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, blowing the doors off of Hall H in San Diego, the director confirmed that a few of the dozens of pop culture references will play a big role in the pop culture blockbuster, in particular, the Iron Giant. The most impressive element of the Ready Player One trailer, and the thing that makes it an appealing property to adapt to the big screen format in the first place, are the dozens of pop culture references peppered throughout the OASIS. When players enter the VR OASIS, they can encounter an endless amount of familiar faces and props, and the brief teaser trailer already features references to recognizable icons like Freddy Kreuger, the DeLorean, and Harley Quinn. One of the most memorable images from the teaser features The Iron Giant, standing tall backlit by a blue light as he scans the horizon majestically within the frame. When asked at the Q&A following the screening of the trailer in Hall H, Spielberg confirmed that the striking image of the Iron Giant is more than just an Easter Egg, but that the character will play a large role in the film:
  11. Here we have an addition to the seventh Doctor now with its figurine!
  12. I have the tall rocket I got from Tin Toy Arcade and it was marketed as a Christmas rocket. Great connection Fineas.
  13. Mick - These toys make great Christmas decorations! They look great under the tree. So much of the nostalgia with these toys are connected to getting them as Christmas gifts. Try that logic. Looking good!
  14. The Mrs left me home alone this weekend so she could attend a coffee and donut festival (that's a real thing, I looked it up). I took that time to work on some projects and see if I can lay claim to another shelf in the TV room. thought I'd try unboxing a few of my more recently acquired space ships. RocketUSA MP-1 Rocket, Masudaya miniAPOLLO, S&E SpaceShip-18, Masuya Nike Rocket, and TPS Mercury Explorer. A special shout out to Marco for setting me up with the Mercury Explorer. anyone want to start the pool on when I'll kindly be asked to move them? I'm thinking that if I take over the dusting of this room, I have until all the Christmas decorations come out.
  15. Last week
  16. Auto These two really stood out for me. There is something really evocative and mysterious about some of this Japanese artwork.
  17. Some more robots and androids
  18. Another Classic sold at $136.00 with that vintage wrinkle finish paint finish.
  19. And so ends most of the Monsters for the 12th Doctor. I will add new Monster for all the Doctors as the figurines are made since many are forth coming.
  20. I asked the seller to clarify what "all original not" meant. (is that Yoda-speak?) as well as the "repainted". I did this after retracting my bid. He apologized for the error or confusion in the description, and said that it was repainted. but never updated or corrected listing. I've dealt with him in the past and got some nice robots. glad the Alphadrome was here to get me out of the bidding before it was too late.
  21. wowww Andy he makes these amazing robots i like them so much i need to get one of him one of these days for sure very cool addition MG
  22. Hey i love your smokers Ranger you have a wonderful collection cheers
  23. Isn't it "programmable" with disks like Remco's Mr. Brain?
  24. it 's a nice but not so rare chinese toy:
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