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  2. Mr. Planet Yonezawa

    I want one ! congratulations.
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  4. 1986 - Space Gun by Shudo

    I've been looking for that "1960s" Timeline entry for this Shudo Space Gun. Haven't found it yet. Yes, it is very possible that it was re-released twenty years later. After all, a good space gun never goes out of style.
  5. Television Space Man (Alps) early indian video

    I agree, John. Alternate message: Technology will destroy that which mankind creates!
  6. Television Space Man (Alps) early indian video

    I am OK with the kid playing with matches in the house but putting gum on the head of a Alps TV robot. Send that kid to bed with out dinner !
  7. Help Robothut get a NEW free 3d printer

    Freeking amazing print quality for such a cheap printer. And Deltas are faster than other styles of printers as well The SD card that came with it has a sliced WAVE VASE on it so that what I was printing in the video. here are some pictures of the vase when it finished. The bottom picture shows the worst part of the print, down at the base and facing a way from the part cooling fan. Actualy the part cooling fan was not ON at the base as there was a small piece of packing material stuck in the fan, I noticed that it was not running at about the point that the print clears up as I paused the printer and removed the crap that jammed the fan. I have 3 delta printers now as I just got my Tevo Little Monster Delta yesterday so will do a video on that giant freeking printer. You need a hand cart to move it !
  8. Kev robot for sale

    Hey Kev , My Yahoo mail is down but received your package, All OK Thx Can you message me here on your mystery moon man ? Best !! oz
  9. Help Robothut get a NEW free 3d printer

    Done, John. The least we can do for your excellent videos. What was the print quality like?
  10. 1986 - Space Gun by Shudo

    Thanx for your historical works on space toys Joe. It's priceless information to know when they were sold and sometime a kind of suprise as they are often more recent than we thought, But i assume that it some case they had a long commercial life and maybe reissues.
  11. As seen in this 1986 Ichimura Toy's Catalogue: Note that the Database description dates it to "1960s". Perhaps not?
  12. As seen in this 1986 Ichimura Toy's Catalogue: Note that the description for the X-11 is missing. Perhaps a "discontinued" item?
  13. As seen in this 1986 Ichimura Toy's Catalogue:
  14. As seen in this 1986 Ichimura Toy's Catalogue:
  15. As seen in this 1986 Ichimura Toy's Catalogue: Note that the description for this particular gun is missing. Perhaps a "discontinued" item?
  16. As seen in this 1986 Ichimura Toy's Catalogue:
  17. So gearbset got hold of me to do reviews for the products, but they start you off small to see if you have any followers. So the printer they wanted me to review is a cheep delta kit $179 bucks". Now what they do is look at how many times the link I have posted in the youtube vid gets used and how many times the video gets viewed and it never hurts to have thumbs up LIKE button clicked. So Do me a favor and click on the video and feel free to leave the room. And click on the Gearbest link for the Printer that I have posted, you do not have to buy anything or sign up for anything. I just want them to come back to me and offer me a better printer to review like a resin SLA or DLP.
  18. Mr. Planet Yonezawa

    Thanks a lot guys! it works also! i'm very happy
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  20. Reproductions And New To Look For.

    Due out soon! STAR WARS ULTIMATE CO-PILOT CHEWIE (Retail Price: $129.99/Available: Fall 2018) We all can imagine taking on the galaxy with their very own Wookiee sidekick! The STAR WARS ULTIMATE CO-PILOT CHEWIE stands 16 inches tall and features more than 100 sound and motion combinations. With signature Wookiee-talk back interaction, the ULTIMATE CO-PILOT CHEWIE responds to external movements and sounds. Make a noise and the ULTIMATE CO-PILOT CHEWIE will roar back! Fans can enjoy everything from naptime to pretending to fly with their Wookiee sidekick. The ULTIMATE CO-PILOT CHEWIE features poseable legs and can respond with a variety of facial expressions for fun surprises. Includes iconic bandolier and satchel. Requires 4 AA batteries, not included. Available at most major retailer
  21. The World of Osaka Tin toys Plus!

    Osaka in 2006 released the OT23BK called Tin Age Atom battery powered 12"tall as he walked the front panel opened up and the colorful inner display was to be seen. This version had 50 makes only and sold out fast.
  22. As seen in this Yonezawa '86 Catalog:
  23. As seen in this 1986 Alps Toys catalog: The catalog description also identifies this robot as "Dengoro".
  24. Mr. Planet Yonezawa

    You can’t go wrong with a planet! Congratulations!
  25. Botstock 15

    I would be interested but have no ideas on time nor place.
  26. Botstock 15

    So who would be interested in attending Botstock this year?
  27. Mr. Planet Yonezawa

    Sweet! congrats!
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