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  2. Thanks if I ever get the time id print them out as a figurine due to the shape and size and post them here Here are some tentacle arm robots with a motorcycle, biped and a quadruped
  3. That's me wearing my Talbotics shirt Tal sent me last year. It even glows in the dark!
  4. I want to know if Quadrophenia was on the turntable?
  5. Told you so, Mike.
  6. Mike, that's cheating! But, since there's a nice recent picture of you and Kelly already on Alphadrome, I might hijack it and post it here. Gil and Spark have the right idea, thanks!
  7. Today
  8. What a great looking Robot with its outstanding box art work!!!
  9. Nearly 45 years since this was taken but I'm sure it'll do.
  10. Funko has unveiled their many exclusives for Star Wars Celebration to be held April 13 – 16, 2017. However in order to purchase these exclusives at the event, you’ll need to enter the online lottery for a chance to win a ticket for access to the Funko booth.
  11. * disclaimer - I don't like my pic being taken, but I do love my dog. Now and then, I will take a shot of us together to send my wife - if we are out on an adventure or some such... She's a goofy friend - and loves to ride on the center console. My dog, as well. This was from a driftwood hunting trip a couple years ago... she's pleading for an order of french fries before we head home. Along with collecting and fixing toys - I have a passion for making art. Not all of it is even remotely pleasant - but that doesn't deter me. I dabble with just about whatever I can lay my hands on - from stone & tree carving to metal and stained glass work. Dabble in many, mastered none :) The second pic has my three recent Erector robots & three of my pieces that I really enjoy. Two wood carvings - one yellow beech & one walnut. And one hydraulic cement carving with copper and watercolor. Cheers, which way to the coffee and donuts? - Kirk
  12. I was stunned after the fall and bleeding badly. Didn't even break my glasses.Could have been much worse. Brady, toe got infected for unknown reason. Had toenail removed. antibiotic wasn't working. Got something stronger. Had a very uncomfortable 4 days. Had to postpone a tooth implant for Thursday after a former root canal tooth broke off two weeks ago. I could buy quite a few robots for what it costs to have a tooth implant. Hopefully, this is the trifecta of injuries we often refer to.
  13. I will be very suprised if members play this game properly. I am expecting an array of mug shots of every species organic and mechanical. In fact I was contemplating submitting a joke version of myself. I do now think It would be nice if we actually did as Tinplate has asked complete with our actual name. I am not home at the moment and would at least like to have my picture taken with the few robots I have left, so I am not lecturing and then copping out myself. See you all soon ( literally ) Steve
  14. well - actually I brought this one up a few years ago - found it in one of the Mandarake shops in Tokyo - and passed it on to Xris maybe 2-3 years ago. It is a plastic model kit made then probably in 2005 in Japan from one of the many small companies making remodelled Kayju - plastic character figures - I had never seen another one so it might have been probably produced in very limited numbers - a garage kit model. This one draw my attention because of the box art resembling the Wheel a gear and Lantern robots. -actually I showed this picture here on Alphadrome years ago and it was discussed. Now I guess Marco you used the original plastic parts - scanned them and formed them in 3D with additional mechanics. You did a great job here, before the box was just great but the simple plastik kit was not, now both are looking great in that combination.
  15. ouch! I think I can safely say that everyone here had that same sucking of the wind that I had at the end. yowza. Time for a couple aspirin, a hot toddy & a warm fire. Take care!
  16. Over the years I've corresponded with a lot of our members, and I know a few from the many Botstock conventions, but not that many. So, I thought I'd suggest creation of a permanent gallery of "Alpha-selfies" so we know what everyone looks like. Avatars are just so impersonal. I realize that collectors are a secretive bunch, but I'm guessing there's enough vanity out there that this could succeed. I would love to see all our members, and, we could even pose with our favorite space toys. Ok, I threw down the gauntlet, let's see who is brave enough to put their face up for the world to see. Perhaps Brian could make this a sub-forum? I'll get things started...
  17. AR play the youtube link. Monty Python You either get them or they leave you cold. I'm a big MPFC fan.
  18. I think this thread is complete, lightly frosted with glucose!
  19. Way to take the bullet!
  20. Good heavens, Phil! I hope you got some medical attention for that? You need to be more careful, we ain't spring chickens anymore. What's up with the toe; ingrown nail?
  21. Yes, I've been wondering about this stuff, too. It seems to me like the entire lot has changed hands a few times, at keast. No one who has been trying to sell it has priced it realistically. It's a shame, because a lot of us could work with this stuff if the price were right. I am particularly curious about the partly assembled limited edition Sparky Robots. Was it Comet Toys who did this repop? It makes me wonder if the numbered series was never finished, or if these might be "seconds" on offer, in which case there will be multiple identical serial numbers out there eventually. Does anyone know the deal on those?
  22. So, this is a copy of an actual production toy? I have never seen it.
  23. Tried to stop granddaughter and niece from hurting themselves. Major fail for myself. My infected toe may have contributed throwing me off balance. Could have been worse. Only a 1" cut beside my eye.
  24. "Crunchy FROG?!?!"
  25. MG... LOL Love it. I think we will get pushed off to off topic soon, but thanks for reminding me of this sketch.
  26. So his name answers the question, "why in the hell are you flailing those hammers at me?"
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